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Psyllium Seed Husk


What is the difference between products that have Psyllium Seed Husk as the ingredient and products like benefiber that list fiber as the ingredient? Are they basically the same thing or do they have a key difference?


This is anecdotal, but I have some Psyllium Seed Husk every morning and I find it keeps me regular. Benefiber doesn't have this effect. I've been taking Psyllium Seed Husk for over a year now every morning.

Actually, I'm kind of curious - anyone know if this has any bad side effects? I tried to read up on it, but I found nothing.


Psyllium husk is much coarser. It may do a better job of scraping the shit off your insides. I don't know. I use benefiber regularly but use some psyllium husk every now and then with a few herbal laxatives. Works great.

Search for the "Heckman Flush". Theres a thread in the T-cell about it. Psyllium husk is the main component of it.


Anyone use glucomannan? I actually prefer it to things like metamucil and benefiber. It is cheaper and has no added ingredients.


I'm not sure of Benefiber's ingredients but one compound to look out for if you are counting carbs is inulin. Dr Mauro DiPasquale claims that the latter does affect insulin levels, albeit in a reduced capacity.


I'm a fiend for psyllium husks and I've been using them daily for years now.

My understanding is that most fiber supps use psyllium as their base, but they add small doses of laxatives or mild diuretics to increase 'effectiveness' of the product.

For me, the main benefits of psyllium (regularity, cholesterol control, satiety) are accomiplished without all the additives, so I just stick with the much cheaper raw husks.

I'll admit I don't know specifics on benefiber etc., this is just a general statement.


But on the good side, I have read a study (just one) that suggested Inulin helps with the uptake of iron in the body; and there is a nagging voice in the back of my head which is trying to remind me of something something probiotic, but I can't place exactly what it helps with in this regard.


I read this advice on T-Nation: “Take one teaspoon of psyllium (such as Metamucil) with water twice a day. While there’s some advantage to taking doses before a high-carb meal, the glucose-lowering effects seem to be somewhat independent of meal timing. Avoid taking it before your pre-workout or post-workout meal.”

  1. Can I put the psyllium in my morning-whey/casein-shake? And in my evening-casein-shake?
  2. On off-days I take creatine in water first thing in the morning (before my morning-whey/casein-shake). Can there be a problem with absorption if I take the psyllium in the morning-whey/casein-shake after that?
  3. Why avoid taking before pre-workout or post-workout meal? Does this also mean the pre-workout Plazma and the post-workout Mag-10?