Psyllium Husks With Superfood?

During the day I take a Grow! Whey shake with flax oil, added fiber, and (now) Superfood. Will the additional fiber prevent the polyphenols etc. from being absorbed? I’m aware that a multivitamin shouldn’t be taken with supplemental fiber for various absorption reasons, so seems a shame to be wasting $40 by producing low-ROS exhaust.

Thoughts (other than what kind of metal band “low-ROS exhaust” might be)?


I wouldn’t worry about it if the fiber isn’t too much, just add a few grams; and honestly I would switch from flax oil to milled flax seed and skip the extra fiber altogether as the milled flax seed will provide fat and fiber as well as higher levels of those lignons. Now if you’re adding old-lady colon bursting levels (recommended doses, lol) then I would reduce it to a sensable amount.

I use to add oatmeal and milled flax seed and that brought the fiber level quite high, but without the gastric upset that “traditional” fiber supplements can cause. I saw somewhere that supplemental fiber caused problems with absorbsion while naturally contained fiber did not effect it as much or at all… (I have to find that article.)