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Psyllium husks - When?

Psyllium seems to be recommended morning/evening right before bed. However neither really seems to suit my current schedule - morning (a) I take my other supps, and psyllium will affect their absorption and (b) will it not just bloat me for the rest of the day? And evening - drinking loads of water with it right before bed will just leave me weeing all night… recommendations/advice?

did you get ‘husks’ or ‘powder’?

I used to take glucomannan fibre and the recommendation there was to take other supps an hour before or 4 hours after. I don’t know if psyllium is the same as I don’t think it absorbs quite as much water. As for peeing all night, presumably the psyllium absorbs the water, so you won’t need to piss it out. I could be wrong.

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
did you get ‘husks’ or ‘powder’?[/quote]

Husks, apologies.

At the risk of TMI, I’m normally a morning “dumper”… so my thinking is that a serving before bed will match me best as it’ll have 8-9 hours to do its thing, ready for my next bowel movement in the morning? Having a large serving in the morning however will bulk out and bloat me up throughout the day, when I never really have a movement, so might be best avoided?

i just have 4 tsp spaced out through the day when convenient. never noticed any bloat

Have been trialling pre-bed servings… feel really bunged up the next day, stomach a bit achy and grumbly. A decent sized movement each morning but feels like it only shifts about 50% of what needs to come out. Will experiment with morning dosing instead from tomorrow.

this stuff isn’t supposed to be an enema. when you start taking it regularly, you’ll even out