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Psychopathic Features and Fighters


Do you think successfull/elite MMA/street fighters possess a heavy dose of psychopathy?

Psychopathic features

-aggressive narcissism
-pathological lying
-calloussnes,lack of empathy
-lack of remorse/guilt
-superficial charm,glib
-grandiose sese of self worth
-need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
-poor behavioural control
-early behavioural problems
-many short-term relationships
-criminal versatility
-juvenal deliquency
-promiscous sexual behaviour
-parasitic lifestyle


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're either Balbos or that you swam through the toxic sludge in Hungary before you made it to Croatia.


Mike Tyson comes to mind.Juvenal deliquency,impulsiveness,calloussnes,lack of fear for what can happen to him or remorse for what he may need to do in the ring,killer instinct,egocentricity,..


Can we come up with a version of this that doesn't involve cartoon characters?

Have a look see here for something sobering:


-- jj


I'm glad you're Tyson's shrink, and have had extensive clinical sessions with him to determine his real state of mind instead of what may be either the effects of drugs, a stage persona, or inaccurate media hype.


I hate posts like these, im sorry.

This is why when i walk into the office after heavy sparring or rolling, i need to tell everybody i got bruises from snow boarding!!!

This creates a ridiculous stereotype for people who train and fight. Personally, i do know guys who are a young age who were in trouble. I know i was, but we fight and we grew up. Martial arts isnt about being people up. Listen to Tyson's lecture on TUF to GSP's team.

For every chris lebon, bj penn, diaz and kimbo slice you name who are mma fighters with wrap sheets, ill name two fighters who are great people and are NOTHING like those things on your list.

Guys who are top of their sports who never got in trouble and nothing like those descriptions?
- Fedor
- Anderson Silva
- Shogun
- Frankie edgar
- Fitch
- Kos
- Swick
- Rich Franklin

...and theres a shit load more.

So in a nutshell... what Devildog_ jim said!


Most top tier fighter's possess a psychopathic desire to be the best. Just like any good athlete.


Is this like brotard week here?


... uh.. how about you actually join a club and train. After you meet a couple world champions, actually meet their kids, families, girl friends and parents, think about it and then actually make an opinion.


JJ, did you just threadjack a dude to pimp out your own thread? What a dick move

I think this is a load of bollocks. The worst trait most top fighters possess is the obsession with being the best, and out training everyone else. Sort of like what most people on this site possess; the desire to be the biggest, strongest, and fastest guy with the biggest testicles in the room. Whats wrong with that?


bro why u so stupid


Mike Tyson used to cry before fights. One of his most notable qualities is how scared of everything he is.


always seems to happen in the week right before a big fight...especially when lesnar is on the card


Nope. Most MMA fighters I know of are pretty mild-mannered. When you reach the top of the sport after some adversity, you quickly shed any tough-guy syndrome you may have. Tyson was the same, watch his last documentary. He would fear his opponent throughout his training camp and dug up confidence from himself as the fight approached.


You think we're getting WWE bleed-over as they follow cock-chest?


i dunno, i just think it speaks to brock's popularity - in terms of both people's desire to see him lose and his fans who want to see him win, it seems like everyone wants to see him fight though


All trolling aside, if these are legitimate attributes then I'm scoring a 10.0 on the psychopath scale.


lol, i was thinking the same thing when i was looking thru the list...there are a few attributes in there that any good fighter should possess...those psychological and medical definitions always contain some pretty ambiguous symptoms


I reckon their personality is the result of the sport. Similarly to bodybuilding so much dedication is put in around the clock and eventually it becomes a part of you. environment influences behavior greatly.


Do you think retarded OPs like this possess a heavy dose of brain damage?