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Psychology of Big Part 1


Holey crap that's a good article! It gives me so many ideas.

I'm sure a lot of you guys heard about Mercola's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and laughed about it, made fun of him because if it, etc.

But guess what?!? I'm gonna use his EFT to convince myself that I'm going to get hyyoooooge. It'll work, cause I believe it will.

Anyone else willing to try it? Who cares if it's goofy...the worst thing that happens is that it doesn't work! No one is gonna see you do it anyway. No money spent, but maybe a few minutes of your day each day.

Who's with me??


It's a fascinating topic on which more research needs to be done. It becomes even more important in curing near-fatal illnesses like Cancer and such.



No, there is no worst case scenario. Know that it will work.


Why not. I'm gonna be huge too, in one year.

As for now, 12 weeks of maximal size is the absolute best program in the world and I'm going to get ripped with it. Wait, not ripped, big and bulky. Ripped comes at Thanksgiving, with wrestling season.


"It gives me so many ideas."

Oh boy, now that is a scary thought. Here comes a shit load of new threads.

Just messing with you.


Thanks. Hope you guys like Part II. It really is simple stuff, but very few people pay attention to this area. It could really be considered a fourth component to complement the big three: training, diet and recovery.



I'm glad you're interested in the mental aspects of training - but I think you need to take a closer look at the downloadable free manual from Gary Craig's website, not just go from Mercola's stuff. Mercola didn't really discover EFT, heck Gary Craig didn't (although he has modified it) - its more the work of Roger Callahan - a physicist from one of the Ivy Leagues. Anyways, I'm digressing.. My point is that as far as I understand it (and I have used it for a number of things and with a number of people who have been sent to me about performance anxieties ((my specialty)) and what it works best for is removing blockages, or negative thoughts. It allows for optimal thought processes to occur, but I've not used it to actually 'convince' someone that they can do something.

Look at the list of things Shugs wrote out in his article, "I can't do this" reasons - those are where EFT will excel. A lot of what you are describing would fall more into the category of things Maxwell Maltz seems to talk about in his psycho-cybernetics book - I think Brider may be able to discuss that better than I can.

EFT is a really really cool and handy tool to help get rid of "mental bullshit" when you recognize it and decide its keeping you down. In a way its like removing dead-weight and that may be all you need to convince yourself that what you want is possible and you will do it. Good luck.



It may play a part but only a small one. I've always believed that im going to get hyooge but haven't gotten HYOOGE. But now i don't want to be huge anymore hehe.

I prefer being big/lean, but not too big.

My mind works best when I see progress. Once I start fat coming off I think "damn im going to get ripped"


I've been wondering for a while if anyone would come up with anything for how to get the mind incorporated into training. I've played around with visualization exercises now and then, but haven't really done it with a serious and regular plan. I'm looking forward to Part 2


I think this issue is part of the late trend of T-Mag to get back to its roots. T-Mag has always been about hardcore, but I think with all the minutia on the forums due to all the articles on science, T-Mag wanted to make sure everybody was listening to Goldberg, and they wanted to present balls in a better way.


Great shit! Can't wait for part "ll"

P.S. Like to see more stuff like this on T-Mag, in the


Still have to read Chris' article. However Psycho-Cybernetics is a cool book. Almost done it. A bit infomercially..but otherwise cool. Wonder if Shugs has read it? :slightly_smiling:


"Psycho-Cybernetics" is cool.

But, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy is THE Bomb.

Same premise, but easier to read, apply, and contains more details and examples.

It definitely is worth the read, and the principles, when applied, definitely work!


No, I don't think I've read those books, though I may have skimmed them in the past. Psychology was a major of mine back in college and I taught the subject for several years.


Hey Chris, are you going to bring this up for massive eating? lol

"I can't eat that much."


Mike you are right on, the book is the bomb! I have read it many times and purchased multiple copies and gifted them to my family and many friends.

Using some to the techniques in the book, I quit smoking cold turkey(4 years ago), it helped me get from 18% to 9%, work results improved, health improved, and energy level went through the roof. Any time I pick up a bad habit or have a tough obstacle in my way I just revert back to the book and it definitely helps. Granted that I doesn't solve everything, nor is it the only thing to my successes but it is a key and the synergistic effect it has is evident.

Chris is right on and I can't wait for part two. On an even more personal note I have seen the negative/dark side of this and convinced my self that my imminent end was near and my body responded...that is what first made me a believer many years ago.


That's a great article. I'm going into sports therapy and this sounds invaluable. It makes total sense as well, which makes me wonder why it's not more openly practiced in medicine/health field today.


Awesome stuff, isn't it, Cravelle?

I initially scanned through it years ago and thought "Yeah, cool". Then later picked it up, read it slowly and carefully, and applied much of what it had to say.

Used the techniques myself to achieve some huge changes in my life, too. From reaching fitness goals to other more encompassing goals in my life and career. Definitely powerful stuff!

And you do bring up a good point. Your subconscious mind is at your service, and provides you, without question, what you put into it.

Kind of like freshly tilled earth that allows to grow whatever is planted in it - roses or weeds....


Sure is Mike.

It is amazing how often we are affected by the negatives of our subconscious and know that it works but never choose to use it for our benefit.

One thing that I realized that the book teaches is that it is not a zero sum game. That is to say that others success is not necessarily our failure. If we curse or begrudge others for their success we are only limiting our own potential and accomplishments. If we say that person doesn't deserve success (even though he has worked hard for it) we are denying ourselves that same outcome. It is amazing when you can say damn that guy was good and if I dedicate myself and work harder than him I will have better results and win next time. Your body and mind resists reaching goals that you have condemned before and therefore placed limits on.

Damn we almost sound like an infomercial. Tim Robbins is going to post next.


Words of wisdom, Cravell (left out the "e" on the end this time), and unfortunately, too many people don't realize how that thought process can be beneficial to them.

And before someone pulls out the flame thrower, I think you meant Tony Robbins. Isn't Tim Robbins the dude who shrunk the kids?