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Psychology and Getting Back from Longer-Term Injury


Hi All,

I'm hoping maybe for some advice, maybe for some encouragement, maybe for both.

I've detailed my medical issues of the past six months in other posts. It's sorta a tl;dr, so you can just search my hub for more detail if interested. The short of it is that after years of serious training and dialed-in nutrition, I suffered an as-yet unexplained, serious GI issue requiring emergency surgery. The overall medical effect was almost exactly the same as that of John Meadows, if you're familiar with his medical background.

The long and short is that it was five months since July of being in the hospital the first month, being apartment-bound and barely able to do anything physically the next 2.5 months, then another 1.5 months of building back mobility.

I've gotten back to the weights in the past month, hitting it really hard. And probably too hard: two hour workouts followed by cardio and such. Eating was super dialed-in.

Woke up this weekend and just had no desire to train whatsoever. Been pounding junk food all weekend, and I don't know why really.

Part of me thinks I need to just slow down, but the other part of me thinks back to when I was in the hospital, thinking back on all the years of being so dialed in with my diet and then having my GI system fall apart. When I was in the hospital, I told myself that I'd be more allowing with my diet and wouldn't be so OCD about my body image and such, but it's been hard to make meaningful progress on that in coming back.

Don't know what my specific question is really, so much as just to kind of write down what I've been feeling this weekend and solicit any thoughts or just similar experiences that might be worth writing about. I'm hoping that I'll wake up tomorrow morning before work, ready to hit the gym and start fresh, but honestly I don't know.

I've fallen off the wagon before diet wise for a few days and such, but this is the first time I can remember in probably a decade where I just haven't wanted to train. And it's not quite upsetting but definitely leading me to wonder what's going on.