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Psychological Torture w/out Physical Harm?


I am thinking short term--waterboarding comes to mind, but apparently the water going into the lungs can cause damage to the respiratory and neurological systems.

I would like to experience some of the techniques to gain perspective on the experiences that detainees go through and get some first-hand knowledge of the level of mental fortitude that it takes to withstand interrogation.


Ya know...it isn't much psychological torture if you really believe there will be NO harm at all.



I refer you to this thread. Psychological warfare at its greatest.


Like the good Professor said, if there's no risk of physical harm you're wasting your time.


Roaches are attracted to ear wax. Save all of your ear wax and start putting it underneath his pillow. If there are any roaches anywhere near your place, they'll eventually find their way to your buddy's room, discover the ear wax and eventually set up shop in his ears while he's asleep.


From an old thread about April Fool's Day pranks on a roommate or friend:

download a shitload of kiddie porn onto his laptop, then just sit back and wait for the Feds......

feed his girlfriend a bunch of roofies, then fuck the shit out of her while filming the whole thing and post it on his favorite porn site. Do the same thing to his mom and his sister.

Get him so violently ill that he's bed-ridden for a week straight by putting a little bit of shit in his food, hide his cellphone and laptop and sabotage his car engine so he's essentially cut off from the world for a few days. When people ask where he's at, say you haven't seen him in a week or so, then bribe someone at the local newspaper to put his obituary in the paper every day until all his friends are convinced he's dead.

If he's an animal lover, go down to the local Humane Society and get a dog they're about to put down. Get a nail gun and nail the fucking thing to his bedroom door and let it bleed out there.

Feed him roofies and take him to a gay bar, then just leave him there. He'll wake up the next day with an asshole like a jar of mayonnaise.

Is he in school somewhere? Get his student ID# and his SS# and then have him "drop out".

Go into his work. Approach his boss and ask him if it's possible to attach your buddy's wages because he's owed you $800 for some smack you fronted him months ago and he won't return your phone calls.

Wake him up every morning with a brick to the face.

Put a drop or two of Visine in his drink. Do this every single day for as long as you know him. When he complains that his stomach is totally fucked and he keeps shitting himself, give him some Pepto-Bismol and act really sympathetic. Don't tell him that you diluted the Pepto with a bunch of Maalox.

When he leaves for work in the morning, hide down the street and when he drives by, throw a bowling ball through his windshield. When he returns home from work (assuming he hasn't had the windshield replaced) throw a fucking Molotov cocktail into his car.


Reading posts in PWI


X 2



Sleep deprivation. Starvation. Or hows this: Get some friends....or enimies. Have them periodically beat you throughout the day and night. Thatll give you some Phych Trauma.

bamboo under the finger nails will work too. Painful but you should heal from it.




The easiest one?

Sleep deprivation.

Of course to make it as efficient as the Israelis do it you would have someone get to do the following:

Wake you when you fall asleep, but not immediately but before you get any REM sleep.

Change the temperature in the room constantly and unpredictably.

Have him serve you three meals a day, but not at regular intervals but rather randomly.

In one week at the latest you will confess the Kennedy assassination.

Of course waterboarding is faster and if done right you should not get anything in your lungs, it just triggers the drowning reflex.


Drowning reflex.

It does not matter how prepared you are.


You know, I have some suggestions, but I honestly don't know how I can answer this without being party to voluntary manslaughter in the entirely possible event that it utterly screws up.

Well, do note that you will need a partner who isn't a moron. If you try to perform meaningful torture on yourself, you have a good shot at ending up like David Carradine. Is that really how you want to go out?


Hangover + kid's party, preferably all under the age of 6.


Oh, I have to second that...I mean, sure, it's funny to get 6 year old kids drunk, but when it wears off...yeesh, it's a nightmare...


^reading comprehension fail? Or utter win?


I met a guy who had some sort of back problem. Anyway, he wakes up one morning and can't move, i.e. completely paralyzed from the neck down.

He was single and lived alone, so he didn't have a wife or roommate or somebody there to yell to.

So he was lying in bed for over three days, pissed and shit himself, could yell but couldn't move at all, even to pick up his cell phone.

Eventually he regained control of somethign and managed to drag himself out of his front door to the sidewalk and yelled for somebody to call 911.


Drowning reflex?
Just the thought makes me panic.
I'm ready to confess right now!


talk yourself into something insidious

one of the most insidious movies i ever saw was about a disease that made your head swell up and explode if you fell asleep
you fall asleep and when you wake up your head is as big as a beach ball and you just have time to scream before it explodes

try something like this: you did something that really irks someone
and this someone can leave their body and slip around and into your head and make you hurt yourself in an unguarded moment or brutalise you in your sleep

the wounds you receive in your sleep, you wake up and you really have them or you receive them later that day somehow by accident
you might dream of fighting them in your sleep but they are like the Wolverine and their wounds always heal up quick and yours don't

once they have your scent, they never quit until you are dead
if they die, they are just free to roam around 24/7 and they will get you

think about that being true
see if it fucks with your head


Trying to read that fucked with my head.