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Psychological/Mental Effects of TRT

Low T was gas on the fire to all my insecurities and anxiety. Dialed in TRT removed all the gas letting me successfully delve into those issues.

Always going to wonder if I’d never have slid into depression and anxiety if T levels had remained high as I’m sure they were in my late teens.

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I know a psychiatrist who changed her practice to BHRT. Too many depressed patients on SSRIs with no results ended up on TRT. She figured she’d eliminate the middle man.


What were your pre TRT testosterone levels

Vonk I was 610 but shbg of 60 something. So free t was insanely low.


Pre-trt I had total T levels of 600 (didn’t test free T)

I didn’t really get the mental /psychological benefits until about the 6 month mark. I played with doses so that may have contributed. At around the 6 month mark I noticed that I liked myself more and didn’t have depression tendencies that I have battled my whole life. Not like suicide just down and out. I even got off wellbutrin that I was on for the previous 5 years with no side effects. My drive and confidence both improved around this time as well. At the one year mark is where I felt the most positive mental effects. I just have this mental mindset now that I don’t give a shit but in a confident and not stupid kind of way. For instance I joined planet fitness for a month recently until I join the nice gym. I was doing a non-vaginal exercise and they pulled that lunk-alarm thing (strobe light & siren in the middle of the gym). Pre-trt I probably would have felt a little self conscious that everyone was looking at me but now I just laughed and kept doing another 3 sets. I just feel like a more confident person that is more level headed and not as quick to act based on emotions. Plus I could probably kill 90% of the male population with my bare hands (figure of speech Mr FBI) which it in itself is a good feeling mentally and less of a need to prove myself.


As some others have said I notice much more attention from females. Don’t know if they sense high testosterone, or if I’m just paying attention more because of my trt??

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Yup it’s a real thing.

The Science Behind Pheromones Attraction

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Same for me, I made a thread about it and people laughed at me. But if you google it, like testosterone cycle female attraction etc u find millions of reports from men all over the world about it, it just makes sense, we are animals and other female animals are evolutionary evolved to find high testosterone males sexually attractive for mating.

I don’t doubt that they play a role but the problem with pheromones is that a majority of people wear antiperspirant/deodorant that I would think would effectively mute them in the place they are produced the most.

I think women can sense testosterone levels in a way that we may not fully understand yet. Probably somewhere in our past the men with the higher testosterone were the ones women were safest to be around as well as having a higher sex drive which means more offspring at a time where the survival rate was not high. Total speculation but since it happens in just about every species to some extent I don’t see why we would be omitted.

Thyroid fixed my depression and cleared my mind. Trt did the rest.

How did you make decision to start TRT with test levels of 600

I feel that even someone with high normal levels could get benefits from trt. Even with decent T levels to begin with my body on trt is drastically better. Not good but great. My skin is better, hair is better, energy, strength, metabolism, fat loss ability, mental health, confidence, erections, libido, and more for $150/month. So for the same amount I would easily waste in one drunken night out (NYC) I can have just about every aspect of my life way better than before. Granted it was no walk in the park getting dialed in but that’s pretty much how everything in life goes. To answer your question though I got on TRT sort of by accident. I had major fatigue and no real drive (usually a very driven person with lots of energy) for the 2ish years previous to TRT. I started TRT thinking it was the answer to my problems but it turned out those problems were actually from anemia and iron & b12 supplementation fixed it. TRT was the answer to the problems I didn’t realize I had and likely would have gone the rest of my life just living with those problems. They were basically the list I wrote at the beginning of this post. I want everything to be as good as it can be. That comes with risks that I’m aware of and willing to take. It’s not for everyone but I’d argue it’s for most.

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TRT only, or HGH as well dextermorgan?

If HGH wasn’t so expensive I’d be on it most likely although since it isn’t really attainable for me I don’t really know much besides the basic shit posted about it here.

Dis you have kids have kids before you started TRT? This is my main concern

No kids yet but they are a priority in the not so distant future. Like I’ve personally told you on here before, TRT does not mean no kids. I personally have two friends who both have 2 kids and they are on 200mg/week when not doing cycles of 500+mg. They were both on TRT for about 2 years before conceiving. If you are super worried about it just get your sperm frozen. It’s cheap and fixes all of your worries and gives you a last resort that you likely won’t need anyway. Plus when you are jacked, have a super high libido you’ll probably have more sex anyway. There are many people that naturally have problems having kids these days so the market is very big. The docs in that field are very good at what they do. I’ve seen too many instances where people were said to be completely unable to have kids and after finding the right doc they conceive.

How you can be on this forum this long and still not have dipped your feet into the TRT water is crazy to me.

Interesting. What were your levels when you started TRT?

Well man you are right. But we know on testosterone nobody can guarantee you fertility.

I also have a friend that is 2 years on 2000mg testosterone per week and now will have a baby. But this guy is unique, just like me and everybody else.

What we know from studies is IF you can handle 3x 500 UI per week HCG alongside testosterone most likely you will not loose any fertility or you will loose minimum. But a lot of guys cannot handle HCG. And I know how sensitive I’m to all drugs and related stuff, so my chances are not good here. Also I’ve tried one HCG shot 500UI and I felt very shitty afterwards. I know one shot is not enough to know, but I add the fact the guys that cannot handle HCG very often.

Then we go to the other option - TRT only, no HCG and to hope when you need fertility to be able to restore it. But how are you sure that you will manage to awaken your testes if they are too shrunk? I know the chances are pretty good, but still no guarantees. Everybody is unique at the end.

Also If I go TRT no matter what I will freeze sperm, but still - as I researched this also has some limitations and the frozen sperm cannot always do the job properly. To be honest I have not gone into much detail yet what is the issue with the frozen sperm from the clinic wanted me to go to discuss on site.

Bottom line is I tend to look at the fertility from the fearful perspective and I have personal issues regarding this so maybe my fear is still irrational. Maybe its a moral point of view but I’m still assessing how worthy is to jeoperdize fertility and go to TRT to eventually feel better, when my current testosterone is not that bad.

The long term health benefits of TRT I do not put in doubt because I’ve read enough literature about this. Also I know that 10 years from now when I hit 40 almost certainly I will be on TRT, but Im still hesitating what to do with the mess in my life now :frowning:

I was told by an endo in the know that the best way to use hcg for fertility when on TRT is to use it when you are ready to conceive because after a while it loses its effectiveness.

I get why you are hesitant but I think if you entered the darkside you’d have a different outlook. I’m sure you know what’s best for you though so do you. I’m just saying for me having kids is extremely important and I read everything I could before starting trt. Much more than about trt itself.

But that is not true, it does not lose effectiveness. There are studies showing people on HCG for years and it continued to stimulate TT.