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Psychological/Mental Effects of TRT

Can everybody shares his experience with the psychological/mental changes he experienced since starting TRT?

I know we are biochemically unique and everyone has different character, but still I’m interested to hear some stories.

Have you become more calm, or more aggressive, more confident, more anxious?

I know some guy here stopped TRT because he was not “feeling himself” which was quite interesting to me.

Happier, probably because I feel better.

I can’t say I’ve experienced any of the above.

The mind is complicated, I know a guy who experienced “roid rage” within a couple of minutes after an injection. Literally, two minutes, maybe one.

What could be the reason for that roid rage? Reaction of the body to the foreign substance? Mental reaction to the injection itself?

Because he thought that was the way he was supposed to react and he wanted others to think he was a bad ass tough guy.


Wow thats crazily stupid.

But I think the body of some people may react in different ways to a big amount of testosterone being injected at least the first few times

Young guys in macho times. I agree with you, however, I do think many guys tend to look for symptoms and when they do, they find them.

The time I felt the worst was when I experimented with AI to bring my e2 to near 20 as that was the thinking of a couple of strong contributors on here. I started trt in late 2017

All of these depending upon the situation.

I had low test mine was at 300. I always thought I felt pretty good prior to TRT aside from mood swings and mild depression. Anyhow after my first pin I went into a fit of blind rage… Lol just kidding. I felt a difference about 2 days later though which many people think was placebo but I don’t. My mood elevated and my energy went through the fucking roof!

My workouts became absolutely incredible with energy for days and energy to spare at the end. The best thing I can tell you is pretty much what I have been told by many people. It pretty much increases who you already are. It heightens your sense of being, heightens your emotions but for me it drastically balanced out my moods. I have been on for about 4 months now and have to honestly say I have not been in a bad mood for no reason or experienced a mood swing since starting.

I will say I noticed I am quicker to anger since starting and things I would have let go in the past now I find myself stepping up but that could also be due to the fact that it has increased my confidence greatly. It gives you an overall sense of well being I think.

One thing I have heard that I would agree with is if you do have anger issues or any mental illnesses it may not be the best for you because as I said it does seem to increase those feelings you already have. If you have depression due to low test though like I did this very well may help you like it did for me.

Truthfully for me it was one of the best things I ever did. I have also noticed very positive body re composition and strength has gone up. I have not had one negative affect aside from a TOUCH of acne that went away after a couple weeks and by a touch I mean barely noticeable.


I see this a lot of T-Nation, a guy starts TRT and catches a cold or sinus infection and think it must be the TRT causing the problems, or TRT stops working when they are other hormonal or mineral deficiencies.

Maybe the guy is just stressed out at work and brings it home with him and thinks it must be the TRT. Usually the guy is in denial that his is suffering from depression and/or anxiety or is expecting TRT to cure everything without putting any effort into it.

TRT is not a panacea.

For me a bit more energy, and a lot more horny lol. I do think in some interactions I am more confident now.

  • Better energy
  • Better mood
  • Calmer
  • More confident
  • Less taking of people’s shit but not an ass about it
  • More me than before

I also notice that both men and women respond differently to me (women are more at ease, and men less so), like they can sense the T. Odd feeling because I’ve never been what you’d call an imposing individual.

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Women sense a man s testosterone levels I can guarantee you that.

Its also logical to seem more threatening to men especially if you are an aggressive ass like me haha(joking for you but for me not lol)

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I have noticed absolutely nothing except I can now reap the benifits of hard work in the gym. Still feel tired all day every day, not much energy. Not much sex drive. BUT I’m going to make it my mission to really dusk in my protocol after my next blood test at the endo here soon. My wife just got hooked up with defy and I may go that route as well. It was very encouraging to hear them tell my wife “your X is technically in range, but if we can bring that up a little you will feel a lot better”.

I’m entering my fourth week of TRT. My T level was 50.

My Endo tested again along with thyroid and a tb spot test. Second time around I was at 51. She sent me back for an HIV test [negative] before sending me to an MRI on my pituitary gland [no tumor].

It’s hard for me to determine if the psychological changes are real or a placebo effect at this point. Although I’m beginning to feel less moody. I haven’t had the mood swings I’ve become accustomed to over the last few years.

I have experienced several physical changes in the bedroom and gym. Prior to TRT I had very little semen. That has changed dramatically. I can also maintain an erection. I’ve been able to increase weight load in the gym by 10 to 20 percent after experiencing a plateau that spanned years.

To RWR410 - I’ve always portrayed myself as a confident man in the workplace because I was highly competent in my field. I lacked confidence in my personal life. I’m hoping I see some changes there these next four months.

I have suffered from social anxiety since my teens. I also used to find it hard to engage people in prolonged conversations. At week 9 i am finding i cannot shut up and i actually enjoy being around people and socializing. Which is now somewhat of an issue because for years I blew my friends off to be alone. It Is like there were two of me. The guy pre trt that occasionally wanted to be social and the new guy that talks to everyone.

I used to procrastinate at work and dread dealing with any issues. Mentally i still go into work dreading them but i no longer put them off. I tend to take care of things quickly and efficiently. My CEO has noticed the difference and made several comments about how on top of things I have been lately. My mood is much better and i no longer take issues home from work. If i had something negative happen it would fester all evening and into the weekend sometimes… sometimes longer. Now i do not give a damn.

Pre trt my workouts were minimal weights and a ton of cardio. I preferred cardio over weights because it seemed no matter how hard I lifted my strength stayed the same. With TRT every single week I am making progress. I cannot wait to lift weights now. This week I had a moment of reflection when I was in my basement benching 350 for 1 rep. As I was half way up I said oh crap… this is weight that can hurt if I fail. Something I never had to worry about pre trt. I was lucky to touch 250 !


Same here. When I use high doses of T, women wanna fuck me, Im not kidding you. And men become very … well, like they feel intimidated, but they respect you ALOT.

I cant say much for TRT but on a blast, I am horny all the fucking time.

I try not to fap because I want to save it for my girl

I think thats because testosterone can give you that: dont fuck with me attitude and girls can see that and are attracted to that.

We had a client once that was super introverted. Hated his job, never had a girlfriend once, and just wasn’t happy overall.

8 months later this guy and his girl are going to Vegas, he has a new job and loves life. Called me so many times to thank me, even though it wasn’t really me who did anything. But thats how happy the guy was, thats how much it changed his life.

We have seen so many stories like this over the years.

If this isn’t how you feel on TRT, you need to change something until you find it.