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Psychological Effects of Steroids

I am doing a Research Project for university on the Pychological Effects of Anabolic Steroids. Part of it includes real life responses from steroid users and experts. If you wouldn’t mind contributing some personal opinions and experiences it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There is a whole thread currently being added to on this topic:

Otherwise read through the threads. Many are journals of steroid cycles.

If you have any questions in particular ask them here or PM me.

As for dynamo Hums thread - it is not so much an insight into what steroids make one feel like but… something else entirely, often detailing various un-AAS related psychological issues… :wink: Just fucking with you DH!

Anyway… there was a young lady who conducted telephone interviews and got us to fill out questionnaires for a uni paper.

So there is hope. i personally am happy to help usually.


Yeah, I know I’m being a pain in the ass in the below.

If you’re doing a Research Project for university on the Psychological Effects of Anabolic Steroids (sic) then when you actually write the thing, you need to capitalize things only at the proper time. This comprises the first words of sentences, names of people and geographical places, the pronoun “I,” and not much else.

For example in your sentence in question, the only capital letter should have been the very first letter.

Even in German the capitals should have been limited only to “I am doing a research Project for University on the psychological Effects of anabolic Steroids,” not all those adjectives as well.

I ordinarily never criticize spelling and grammar – actually I probably never have before, as it’s lame if the intent is flaming – but what with this being a Research Project for university and all, it wouldn’t do for the paper to be turned in with such fundamentally incorrect writing.

It’s not flaming, it’s just pointing out that accomplishing the goal, if a real one, is going to take more than just getting these accounts. It’s going to take revamping your writing style.

Also because it seems to me that it would take one heck of a university to consider it a research project to go get and report a few anecdotal accounts off the Internet as being meaningful evidence on any topic, or for that matter to consider it to be “research” at all.

But who knows, the quality of education has slipped a lot in a lot of places.

I appreciate that ‘constructive critisism,’ but I do write all my papers grammatically correct and recieve quite great marks. I figure most people have better things to do than waste precious time on correcting me on the web

I totally agree that this type of ‘research’ is not realiable. I am on route to becoming a PE and Geography teacher and one of the psychology courses I am in requires a project with real responses from real people. My prof has given the green light to using the internet as a way to gain responses from people. So going with his acceptance of internet as a resource I thought Tnation would be the best spot to gain some quick and honest feedback. In two years when I start my masters you can be sure my ‘research’ will be more clinically approved.

So until then, Bill Roberts if you can contribute to my essay in a positive way it would be great. Thanks!

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Bill Roberts wrote:
Even in German the .

LOL, shouldn’t that be “Even in german”, or “Even in Germany

Just messin with ya :wink:


I think hes talking about the language German, if he is then its correct.

Ben_jammin, no problem, glad to see you can also write correctly. It is a puzzler to me how one could be perfectly able to not capitalize the first word of words that shouldn’t be – and it’s certainly easier typing not to – when operating in given contexts, but do so when they shouldn’t be in other contexts, but to each his own.

It’s certainly not important on the forum, and would only be important in the actual paper. Please forgive me for thinking it possible that someone who would go to the erroneous trouble of the extra capitalization in casual writing might also do so in a paper.

As for serious contribution, I would go to:


and do a word search. There is at least one paper (as I have read it) that is a serious scientific study attempting to determine exactly what you are asking. They were looking at fairly modest doses of androgens and found about nothing, and specifically did not find statistically significant evidence of “roid rage.”

That paper, at least, and perhaps there are more, should I think be included in any survey research of this topic.

If limited for whatever peculiar reason of the educational method employed to things people say on the Internet, my observation is that there is a great deal of individual variability.

With regards to the claimed effect that has the most public attention drawn to it, namely increased aggression or irritability, it seems to me that this is common when the dose is high enough. Which often is quite high. Even in these instances the effect is simply greater degree of impulse, not any uncontrollable “they can’t help themselves” phenomenon overcoming the will and judgment. People still do what they decide to do, just perhaps have more impulse in one direction or another.

Individuals who are already prone to wrongful behavior when angry may find themselves in that situation more often. The problem is with the individual, not the androgenic steroid.

Other psychological side effects include that a limited number of particular anabolic steroids can cause depression, e.g. nandrolone, and it is not unusual for individuals to find positive psychological side effects from anabolic steroid use such as improved mood, energy, feelings of well-being, libido, confidence, and what might be called “positive aggression.”

By positive aggression I mean a “can do,” “I can go and get it done,” “let’s go for it” (when that is the right thing to do) feeling, as opposed to being more passive when passiveness or partial passiveness is not actually the best thing.

There may be another and better term for it. As you are studying the psychological field you probably have one: if a better term seems correct to you then amending my statement with the better term would probably be an improvement.

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Rule 13. Capitalize words derived from proper nouns.

Example: I must take English and math.
English is capitalized because it comes from the proper noun England, but math does not come from Mathland.

Source: http://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/capital.asp

Great it seems that here is the place where i should be geting some vocabulary and grammar lessons :)!!

Well I’m happy to help.

My first cycle was 500mg of test-E a week. I had broken up with a girl and was feeling depressed; I didn’t want to eat workout ect. This is typically where people drink or do drugs, but I choose this time to do my test.

Two days after the first injection, WOW. I thought the breakup was for the best, my depression was gone, and I was back at the gym. It was also a very optimistic feeling.

I felt that things were funnier and more confident, friendlier and not threatened/intimidated by anyone. I also felt no enhanced libido.

After five weeks I stopped because I felt not having bad days was unnatural. My depression did not come back.

It should be noted that the test seemed to just enhance most of my good qualities: confidence, laughing, helpfulness.

I’ve tried one more cycle (just to get rid of leftover gear) and haven’t been on since.

Hope this is helpful to you.

thanks! Those were the kind of responses I was hoping to hear. I have a few questions for you if thats alright? How many weeks were between your two cycles? And what was your key motivation to try test? Do you think the break up was the catalyst to make you go on it, or was it just a matter of time?

I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

  1. After the five weeks I went for two months off.

  2. I researched steroids (I was in college and know how to do research btw) out of my natural curiosity. I saw no reasons not to really; that was the key motivation.

  3. This is kind of a two part question.
    a.The break up was the catalyst out of a natural response to escape pain.
    b.It was also a matter of time because I resigned myself to supplementing test later in life.