Psycho training weekend

Hey, next weekend I’m going to do a very intense training challenge. I’m going to do something similar to what the Army Rangers or Navy SEALs do. I want to write my plans on paper before doing it and then make it my goal to survive the weekend and STICK TO MY PLANS EXACTLY AS WRITTEN. I’m doing this to push the limits of my mental abilities, and to see what I’m made of. I’m mostly inspired to do this because of reading Pat Tillman’s story.

What I figure I’ll do is get about four hours of sleep over three full days. I’ll do almost nonstop running, walking, pushups, situps, but I’ll probably give myself a couple of 1 hour breaks per day. Sleeping won’t be allowed during the breaks… maybe reading the Bible or just sitting still. My diet will consist of no solid foods. Only protein drinks. I’ll be sure to stay well hydrated… I’m not stupid.

Now my question is this… how will this affect my body? Will most of the losses be muscle mass and water? Will it hurt my strength? Or, since its just three days, will my body recover pretty quick? Also, if anyone has done something like this before, any suggestions? Anyone want to take this challenge and do it with me? We can come up with a plan, and sometime during the weekend call each other and keep each other from quitting.

shhhhiitttt, bro…sounds interesting. As far as bodily damage is concerned, you’ll probably be a wreck for about a week…think of all the sleep deprivation, extreme cardio, inadequate nutrition (protein shakes…what about carbs?), exposure to the elements etc etc. Anyhow, it will be interesting, and a test of mental and physical toughness. If you mention it to the Big Dogs here at Tmag, maybe they’ll sponsor you somehow or offer a reward (pics would have to be included of course). Good luck.

I and my buddies do something close to this everynow and then, not quite the deprevation leval(sleep wise especially), although I am trying to get them to.

We like jogging(w/wo packs), plenty of obstacle courses- just go to your local kids jungle gym thing in town at 6 am run, slide, slimb pullups balance everything you can think of ITS A SHITLOAD OF FUN! Try to do swimming, long bouts of treding water. Pick a time and do it w/o using hands, or while holding heavy object, just be sure you can drop it. If you are really going nuts, bring a partner or better a guy to tell you what to do next for the hard parts or the second day, this way if you do seriosly injure yourself, ie fall off tree/boulder in woods, or pass out due to dehydration or something at least your buddy can get you help.
As far as recovery figure two weeks before your back to full speed again, but is wo’s like this that youll treasurer a lot longer than your normal ones. Good luck be careful. Decide before you start on injury rules. Last time we did a crazy wo like this the rule was “game day” ie there are no injuries only a job to be done, but YOU need to determine if you say sprain an ankle if you wont to further damage your self for this crazy fun shit, or if you want to be fully recovered in 2 weeks.
We get all decked out commando style and dont shower, shave or give a shit when we do this stuff. Later RR

That shit’s crazy. Got me thinking, too…

Are you going for BUDS?
If so, it might be a decent way of getting some prep idea as to what you’re in for. (If not, why bother!? You might feel like a superhero on finishing, but your bod. will not thank you for it for quite a while!)

To add to what others have said, I would definately get a training partner. What happens if you break down (likely in my opinion unless you’re super fit already) miles from home, or pass out?

As far as nutrition is concerned, you’re gonna need some more carbs in addition to the protein. In these type of circumstances with continuous activity I would say simple carbs are fine.

Try posting on the Renegade forum- they’re all crazy there and will offer you some good advice. Also try the forum on Pavel’s site at -also full of a lot of crazy mf’s!

Good luck, and if you do it, please report back, if only so we know you made it back alive? :slight_smile: SRS