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Psycho GF Forgets BF is on Vacation




She deserves to have this video made and put on the internet for millions to see.






ha... that's great.


That was both hilarious and heartbreaking. Gotta love the dramatic irony, too.

Strangely, it makes me kind of miss my insane ex-girlfriend.


I hate how at the end he says next time he'll leave his phone on. Why the hell would he want to do that? This was a great way to filter out a crazy bitch.



great find Ponce! lol, crazy bitch! lol.


Fucking Awesome!

all women will do this if you don't talk to them for a while. I don't hink she's crazy at all




good stuff ... I saw that on todaysbigthing.com last week and showed it to my gf (who coincidentally is going to Europe next week) ... we had a good laugh at it



Why do all girls sound the same seriously? Reminded me so much of my crazy ass ex. hahahahahaha.


Funny thing about this is that my buddy is IN Europe right now and his girlfriend is the biggest BITCH/CUNT that I know.

Man I hope he told her...


nah man no way.

i would assume that most girls would be worried about where you are first. being that women are nurtures....

...then they get crazy.


yea, there is a worrying stage first, but eventually they will turn to this


according to the video he talked about it with her the night before he keft


You have a girl friend?

Of all the stuff on here, this is what really stood out for me.


Polo has MAD game tho, how is this surprising?


This is hands down the greatest thing I have ever seen. I'm saving this in my profile.


I just always secretly thought he was saving himself for me. I'm a bit disappointed.


I'm sorry, but I really don't think that she's that crazy.

Maybe a bad listener and a little melodramatic, but crazy? Not really.

If i'm going to be away for a couple of weeks, especially in Europe, i'm going to be talking about it A LOT. And, i'm sure she'd remember, since i'd be talking about it A LOT.

Even still, i'd be calling her and saying "Hi" when I got there and throughout the trip. Yes, i'm weird like that. If me and my GF normally talk everyday and email, i'm going to wonder what's going on if I don't hear from her or none of my messages are being returned. ESPECIALLY, if it's been more than 24 hours.