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Psyching Up for a Lift

Composed explosiveness. Or something…

How do people get into the space?

The psyche up for me involves a lot of pacing and telling myself I can do it. But really getting into the space for me, like right before I lift, involves not thinking at all and shutting everything out

I just lift.


I find if I get too aggressive in the psyche I lose control a bit. On snatches I’m more likely to lose behind. I do find mental preparation helpful, I like to just sit or stand pretty still and try and get my heart pumping and adrenalin rising while from the exterior looking calm. Visualising the completed lift helps with this

The more I can shut off my mind the more often I make the lift. Personally I think psyching yourself up is much more suited to power lifting, where you can really grind an attempt out. I miss much more often due to technique than not being able to summon the strength to complete the lift.

I’ve found the more relaxed I am the better I do. Realizing that has improved my lifts a lot and most of my misses come down to me psyching myself out. But I think I’m too relaxed when it’s time to jerk and it ends up being weak.

i can’t “psych-up” either, especially to music. It seems to throw off my rhythm. I just kind of do the deep breath get calm thing and maybe a little mental prep talk i suppose.

yeah just lift the bar. Do your routine before you lift. Keep your mind clear. Don’t think, just do.

What I do is go up to the bar, take a deep breath, adjust my balls, and lift. :smiley:

lol andy.

i’m finding yelling is important. at heavier weights anyway, but it is also seeming to be important at lighter weights. feels like if i’m not yelling once it is at my knees then that is because i didn’t keep my hips down properly. and if i don’t give a good yell in the second position then i didn’t finish the pull. so, miss forwards, basically. my yelling freaks me out (I get a bit self conscious especially when other people are in the gym) so i turn up my i-pod. but finding it hard to lift because i worry my yelling is obnoxious, i guess.

(we have one platform but mostly people are using cable machines, squatting, benching and stuff).

oh well. just try and go when other people aren’t around. or sometimes when other people are who i know don’t mind my yelling.

guess it isn’t about psyching up for the lift… except i guess it is because it is about whether i’m focused properly on the lift (hence will yell) or not. sigh. why did i have to be a yeller???

A long while back CT and Pendlay were corresponding here on the forum and both said that they teach their athletes to prepare for a lift without getting psyched up. Use of self imagery, calming, and a specific cue are used instead.

I started trying this on my own, and it definitely made a difference. Nothing huge, but I’ve found that I’ve been able to make steady progress with my more “advanced” lifts (squat, DL, bench, etc; lifts I’ve been performing for years unlike the snatch and C&J). In the past I would stall out alot more often.

i seem to remember reading something on these forums that was related and it might have been that. about how they saved psyching up for competition rather than training because it took longer for the CNS to recover from states of hyper-arousal. that made some kind of sense.

i feel like it is mostly about the second pull. being aggressive with the extension or failing to extend and finish the pull properly. EXPLODE. dunno.