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Psyched Up: Root Canal

Woohoo! I just had a root canal. Half of my mouth is still frozen and I’m afraid to eat anything for fear that much of my tongue will go missing.

Seriously, I’m not joking. I have to tell you I’m pretty damned psyched about this too.

Now I’m going to be able to get in some seriously strenous workouts again. Heck, lately anything that raised my blood pressure was a problem.

Just last night I was kept awake all night with a dull ache that would only go away, for five minutes at a time, when I sipped on something cool. I can’t count how many trips I had to make to the bathroom.

Dammit! I can’t wait!

Now I’ll be able to get good restful sleep again. Hello recovery! I’ll be able to work out hard again. Hello intensity!

Finally, I’m free from a slowly degenerating battle against infection as my chipped tooth slowly decayed. Now my body can stop creating so much damned cortisol and wasting energy on an immune response. Hello muscles!

Okay, maybe I’m overreacting a bit, but if it’s all in the mind, I’m psyched! I’m hoping to really notice a difference now that this issue is in the past.

I wonder if I should try to hit the gym tonight? I think in the new year I’ll switch up to the TBT plan – I’ve had good success with Chad’s other programs.

Heh, update, the tongue is starting to tingle… maybe I’ll chance some food in a few minutes. :wink:

Yeah thats right only a T-MAN can be psyched about a root canal. Hey thats it, thats the reason you have your hand to your face in the avatar. You were just wincing in pain. seriosly, good luck with the recovery and improved workouts. steve.rt


True story: I went in in September for a root canal of one of my lower front teeth. He couldn’t tell from the xray which one it was because I waited long enough for the absess to spread. The plan was to “cold test” the teeth, touch each tooth with a swab dipped in liquid nitrogen. A live tooth hurts like hell, but no feeling in a dead one. He touched a live one just so I’d know what it would feel like, hurt like hell.

Turns out all four of the front teeth were dead. I didn’t want to do a couple that day and have to come back and go through it again, so told him just do all four right now. It took 2.5 fucking hours, sitting in a chair with my jaw jammed open and a rubber dam in my throat. But at least he gave me some Percocets to help with the pain.

The next morning I took a Percocet before I went to work (now I know why Rush liked that shit so much). At 8:00 my firewall/dns/dhcp server crashed hard, and I spent the next 12 hours standing in the server room working on it. Everytime I got it going it would crater again, so finally I gave up and just built a new one. I had some more Percocet with me but I was afraid to take it. What a great day! Hope yours goes much better, vroom.

Wow… I hear that it isn’t safe to have root canal unless you have a dentist that actually knows what he/she is doing otherwise you’d suffer for the rest of your life e.g. chronic unexplained illness, etc, etc…

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about baby! I must have slept for 10 or 11 hours straight last night. I can hear my muscles thinking “oh, hey, look, dickhead finally figured out what sleep is”.

Side note, though I had an exposed nerve which I believe was dead, the other nerves were alive and very irritated. Unfortunately, they don’t freeze very well in that state.

So, by the time I got out of the chair yesterday I was covered in sweat and today I’ve got a few sore muscles from being all clenched up during the procedure – maybe I’ll get some minor hypertrophy from going to the dentist? :wink:

Fun shit.

So, off to the gym for me, I have a couple of workouts to make up for. Hmm, I don’t use it often, but I think I’ll dig out the Power Drive today too.

Funny how everyday life turns into luxury when you are freed from a nagging problem.

[quote]Tungsten wrote:
Wow… I hear that it isn’t safe to have root canal unless you have a dentist that actually knows what he/she is doing otherwise you’d suffer for the rest of your life e.g. chronic unexplained illness, etc, etc…[/quote]

Horror movies about dentists don’t count as actual knowledge about dentists. Chronic unexplained illness? That is what happens when you DON’T go see the dentist.

I’ll vouch for how dental work can improve your mood.A few years ago on a max effort day, I was clenching my teeth real hard and split/crushed my rear molars.It tok me a few days to get an appointment with my dentist. Wow! If you think I can be nasty on some posts, you should have seen me then.Since then I’ve been using a peice of rope to bite on when I know its gonna be one of those days. This also helps with the angry pitbull mindset.

Hey Vroom,

That explains why you’ve been so grumpy lately!


ZMA. Great for sleep and recovery.


Thanks man. You know, I’ve never used it, but probably will try it in the new year when my budget starts to slacken up a bit.

Heh, I recently used several months of supps budget (plus some non-supps budget) scoring some Legacy now gracing my freezer.

Merry Christmas to me!