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PSU Wrestling


it looks as if the Lions are going to win the NCAA title. It's their first in fifty eight years and this year will be the first champ east of the Mississppi since then. Cornell still has a mathematical chance to win or tie if PSU loses every match by a pin and Cornell wins out by pins and gets all possible bonus point.


I'm rooting for the one legged guy I saw on ESPN.

That's it that's all.


Well they won. With Sanderson as their coach they're going to br competing for the top spot in the near future ,


Sanderson knows his shit, I saw PSU twice this year in person and theyre great. Should be on top for a while. Good to see some damn success outside of Iowa/Ok.


We Are...


Currently up 7-0 in the finals. Looks like he's gonna win. What a story.


Wright just won the individual nat'l title at 184 for PSU. He has a dirty double leg


Zach Rey out of Lehigh, their heavyweight is a freak. did anyone watch the match? he got stronger and faster after the 1st, never seen a big guy do that. he almost lost it at the end, flores was crafty for a bit. that was a great match from the big boys, they were either locked up barely working or busting ass the entire time. the kent state champ is jacked and that pin was almost a defensive one.


Kilgore from KState is an awesome kid, thick dude, <3 the local school pulling through with it's first champion ever.


Is this one instance where not having a leg might be an advantage? That kid has the upper body of somebody who weighs 150+ yet competes at 125.


Yea Kilgore is stout, it surprised me he was their first champion, but thats awesome.

Overstand, yea it gives him a strength advantage, but being as freakishly athletic as he is rare for folks with two legs, so I think it balances out. I am sure he out-muscled lots of opponents.