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PSU possibly sissies?

Maybe you can’t answer this, but the Nittany Lions have been getting wiped as of late. Could it possibly be the conditioning? I’ve seen their play lately has been pretty uninspired. As an alum, I follow recruiting, and allegedly they have been recruiting well. It came to mind after reading your interview in tmag176. Anyone else have any thoughts?

 Jerry Sandusky.  Wasn't it 3 season ago PSU was 9-0 and lost their next 3 games.  After that season, Sandusky retired.  The next two seasons, counting this one, have really, really sucked!  

Could be. I’ve been a season ticket holder for ten years and it seems to me the offense overall hasn’t been helping the D out. I could give you some examples where the inability to get a first down caused them the game. It seems they often run out of gas later in the game.

Irondoc - as noted previously I too think the loss of Sandusky was a serious impact. There are definately many other factors and it looks like the season is going to continue to spiral downward. Even worse thing for a PSU fan like yourself but recruiting is going to become an huge problem and they are likely to lose the top PA talent to other schools. In faith, Coach Davies