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PSU Football

I was reading an article (by Mike Mentzer oddly enough), and found out that Zatsiorsky is a professor at PSU. WHY THE HELL doesn’t PSU take advantage of this? Last I read, they are still using HIT training for their football team? Doesn’t some one realize what an amazing resource they have? Mostly I’m complaining about this because I attend PSU, and am really hating life because of our poor performance. I know strength doesn’t have a whole lot to do with this, but i need something to blame it on.

  1. No they do not know. Or maybe they do and are too busy jerking each other off they do not feel they can learn anything from him. Although it really comes down to people tend not to want to learn something they cannot understand.

  2. The people that truly try to educate themselves in strength are still wondering why they do not use him as a resource.

It’s killing me inside, too.