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PST Training (Military Women)


Preface - I’ve spent a total of 10 minutes searching specwar forums on female special warfare training standards before getting totally discouraged because they contain absolutely nothing of value. If you see this post and want to share your opinion about women serving in combat, please go tell someone else.

I’m looking to connect with women who may have experience training for or passing a Physical Screening Test for any specwar program. I’m looking for training advice, lessons learned, and a general idea of what types of scores females usually make in these tests, and what the competetive numbers look like for females, and the reasons for failure of either the test itself or drops from programs. Also, any support or group connections I can make would be invaluable. Thanks in advance!


I would start my search here:



Around one or two years ago, two women passed selection and received their Ranger Tabs. There were probably articles written about their selection and training. Might be a start.

new standards coming in 2020:



I´m not sure if this is related to “Physical Screening Test specwar program”, any way, you can have a look and decide:

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Thanks! The spec war page has been helpful!


Good, thou not geared toward women specifically, anything written by Dick Couch (retired SEAL) he goes into detail concerning the training for SEALS, Green Berets, Marine Recon. He is good source for an overall brief on the physical and mental requirements.



I can’t remember the full details of the study, but the Canadian special operations regiment concluded that candidates who could squat over 300lbs were much more likely to pass selection.


If you are serious about applying for SF, this is the most important article you can read. Even for those that are mentally tough enough to pass selection, I have seen more failures due to feet problems than anything else. Good Luck.



Good to know, I can squat and deadlift well over 300, I do need to start training in boots, but I’m a few years out from transferring from my current command, so my primary focus is passing my PST. Thanks everyone for your input, I still haven’t found a lot of information about the females who have passed, but I have a good training program and I’m already making progress. You rock.