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Psoas pain

The front of my right hip near where the psoas ties in is painful when I try to flex the hip past 90 degrees or when I extend the hip in a fully flexed position like in the bottom of a squat.Â

My left ql is also locking up as a result. The left tfl and hip flexor region is also very tight. Anyone know if they are related and if it is because of weakness or tightness?Â

The below Joe DeFranco clips saved mine.

Thanks for the reply. I have done the psoas release with the theracane religiously for the past few months. It seemed to help at the start but not so much now. I will have to try the piroformis release. Do you think a tight piriformis is causing the pain?

look up iliospoas syndrome. i had that pain too at the bottom of the squat. just rest it.

Might want to try Active Release Therapy…worked for me when all kinds of stretching didn’t.