🤯 Pso-Rite Loosens Hip Flexors (Video)


There are times when no amount of stretching or mobility drills can loosen up the hip flexors. And what’s crazy is tightness in this area can lead to lower back stiffness and literal pains in the butt.

As a matter of fact, I tweaked my lower back a couple weeks ago, which caused constant aching for days. So when my powerlifting friend, Jenny, recommended Pso-Rite, I was able to lay on it for a couple minutes, get loose, and get rid of the back weirdness. Recommended! – Dani Shugart


PSO-RITE Psoas Muscle Release and Deep Tissue Massage Tool - Psoas, Back, Hip Flexor Release Tool

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I need this!!!

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Let me know what you think! :hugs:

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How bad does that hurt??

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It just depends on how tight your hip flexors are. I got on it today and it felt great. The first time I used it, it was intense!

The thing is, whenever I’ve gotten body work from different professionals, they’d put their hands in the same area, and I’d feel the intense pressure right there.

It always felt miraculous because just loosening that up would eliminate any butt pain or lower back pain I was dealing with.

So now I can get those same benefits but without the price tag.

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And slightly less awkward.

I’m up to try it - I’m going to go ahead and plan some tears the first couple go’s.
Insert any of a number of jokes here


Haha good call! :joy:

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@Dani_Shugart it finally arrived!!! I’m not sure what to think of it yet… it hurts and feels good all at once :joy:


That’s a good way to put it! The Pso-rite inventor has some excellent tips for how to use it on his Instagram… and probably on his website too.

I don’t think he meant for us to replace standard stretching and mobility work with it, but supplementallly, it’s soooooo right! :joy:

I finally tried this thing. Instant relief of the wonky back I seem to wake up with every morning. Using it before training probably reduced my warm-up time for deadlift and squat variations by half.

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I ordered one as well and have been trying it out for a couple of days. First use was right before a session involving squats. I’ve been having some knee pain in my left knee when squatting lately but there was almost no pain whatsoever during this particular session. Coincidence? Maybe. I’ll keep using it though to see if it becomes a pattern.

Today I’m working from home and tied to a desk so I’m using the Pso-Rite periodically throughout the day and it seems to be relieving the low back tightness that usually comes with prolonged sitting.

So far, it seems like a decent tool.


September 22, 2022 - Update on Pso-Rite

I’ve been using the Pso-Rite for about three weeks now, typically right before I start warming up for workouts and also periodically throughout the day if I’ve been sitting at my desk for work. I continue to experience a reduction in low back tightness when sitting alot and the pain that I was having in my left knee when squatting has all but gone away at this point. Granted, I’m currently doing the Metcon For Muscle workouts which involve less heavy squatting than I had been doing previously but I still do alot of leg work and the knee pain is reduced by about 90%.

I also have an existing back issue (degeneration at L5/S1 along with some nerve stuff there). When this flares up it is excruciating but that hasn’t happened in well over a year. There is often a dull ache in there though when I sleep and I had been experiencing that prior to trying out the Pso-Rite. In the last three weeks though, the ache is gone.

Anecdotal evidence all the way around, for sure, but this thing does seem to be having some positive benefit for me.


I’m so excited to hear that it’s been working for you! Thanks for the great update Dave!

I have L4 S1 fusion after a previous fusion fail. Almost immediately after the surgery I found myself in terrible pain, I now have stenosis and require a 3rd cut. The pso rite is my savior, I have at any given time 2-4 knots in my psoas that the pso punches out. Lately they return almost immediately but it assists with the neural nightmare that I deal with too often. Also just bought the hip hook, it’s a lot more intense and I like the psorite for the actual psoas, hip hook for illiacus.


Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry you’ve gone though all that. But glad to hear you’ve discovered some ways to get relief! I hope you’re able to continue finding things that help.

I could feel mine hurting just watching Dani do it.


Yeah, it scared me a little, too! But also fascinated me.

Dani, omg, you’re just so lovely head to foot!

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Awww thank you so much for the sweet compliment! And back atcha! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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