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Psilocybe Mushroom Spores

Anyone on here living in the USA had any success finding a reputable company that sells psilocybe mushroom spores? Asking for a friend…

Why would you put this under “pharma”, or even UNDER THIS FORM AT ALL? You are talking about a different type of drugs here, people use anabolic steroids on this form to better themselves and be the best possible versions of themselves they can possibly be. There is NO similarity towards using AAS for bodybuilding and some stoner toking up/ snorting/ injecting/ eating substances to produce a high. I am highly anti-drug, I’ve seen first hand what they do to people, take this to a different forum, it has no place being here. Shrooms may not be hard drugs, but still, a thread on growing shroom’s doesn’t belong here. Tell your “friend” to go to a different forum

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Second what unreal said. GTFOH.

I fucking love drugs!

Including mushrooms. Particularly mushrooms, in fact.

God drugs are ace.

I wish I was on drugs right now.


Doing something to produce results that won’t happen naturally. Seems similar enough. I am positive AAS has fucked more people then mushrooms. No lasting effects except for a bad trip. Still don’t think this should be discussed in a bodybuilding forum but, OP spores are easy to find as they are not illegal to have but, unless you are experienced and have the necessary equipment like inoculation chamber I would not do it.

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ehhh nature does a good job of getting them to grow quite easily on cow shit.

We used to pick them when we were kids. Every October mushie season would come around. Good times.


The one glaring difference between AAS and mushroom spores is that it is 100% LEGAL to buy, sell, and possess the spores, AAS not so much…

There is a massive forum/webpage out there devoted to psilocybin mushrooms. Incredibly easy to find. You’ll probably get better responses there.

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Where I live theyre both illegal (including spore prints and syringes). AAS such as testosterone also have legitimate medicinal purposes that they can be prescribed for, magic mushrooms, on the other hand, do not have medicinal value.

I never said anything about mushrooms and your comparison is splitting hairs at best. I will agree with you that AAS have a legitimate medical purpose but that would be under the supervision of a prescribing physician which I don’t think is always the case. If people were being prescribed and supervised by a medical Dr I’ll go out on a limb and say those people wouldn’t be on an interweb forum looking for bro science advice.

Steroid abuse (not therapeutic hormone replacement) is obviously much worse for you than using magic mushrooms.

EDIT: and I love both so I really have no bias in any direction

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I do agree with this, however I believe hard drug use like crack, cocaine, methamphetamine etc are far more harmful than AAS abuse. I do think however, that mushrooms/weed/ light drugs are gateway drugs, this theory can be debated but I know a dude who started off with weed and he quickly progressed to heroin. It is individual for everyone, some people have that kind of addictive personality and others don’t, however I’ve decided to steer clear of all drugs because of what I’ve seen happen to people. Also, my test is prescribed by a doctor for TRT, what I may add on top of that in the future likely won’t be.

Well no shit. That’s like saying getting shot in the face is more dangerous than a hand job.

This has never been proven to be the case.

I know dudes too. I know dudes who’ve smoked weed every day for longer than I’ve been alive but have never touched anything harder. I know guys who won’t go anywhere near weed but love them some heroin. I know guys who’ve never even tried smoking dope but take cocaine every day and I know alcoholics who are slowly drinking themselves to death but won’t go near drugs.

People who want to fuck themselves up will find a way to fuck themselves up. Doesn’t matter what order they try their drugs in.

Everyone needs a poison; you just have to pick carefully. You might have some underlying heart condition and the steroids’ll kill you (happened to a mate of mine), and I might take an E laced with feline AIDS and die a horrible cat death.

Life’s too short to spend it completely sober the whole time, so it’s a risk you have to take.


We can’t justify a drugs worth by government scheduling. Methamphetamine, methadone, and fentynal all are scheduled as medically useful and kill countless people every year.
Gateway drug? I agree 100% the government creates a gateway to dangerous/deadly drugs by lumping them together with harmless recreational drugs (if I can buy marijuana from you you’ll most likely have the means/drive to sell me methamphetamine or fentynal laced heroin . Keep drinking the government Kool aid.

How do you quote parts/pieces in a response? It’s like magic to me.

Psilocybes are a family of mushrooms that cover about 1/3 of fungi on earth. There are probably a dozen different types growing in your yard.

You’re probably looking for San Isidros or Liberty Caps though. I thought that there were kits that you could order out of High Times for those.


Magic Mushrooms have no Medicinal Value? I suggest you do some reading. While you are at it read up on LSD, IBOGA, MESACALINE, MDMA.


Wait Cocaine is a hard drug?

I have never heard or read of someone using any psychedelic as a gateway drug. They just work differently. They have been used to treat addiction to other drugs.

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I’ve read the articles on psilocybin being used as a potential treatment for depression, MDMA being used to treat veterans with PTSD etc, however at the moment there are no large scale trials with significant data to prove that they are truly helpful (like double blind, placebo controlled trials with thousands of people). Granted that is because these substances are prohibited, therefore it is hard to get a study on illigal drugs through the ethics board or for the government to give it approval. It isn’t using the drugs per say that can be the gateway drug (although in many cases it can be (in my opinion)), it’s the crowd one goes to to obtain the drugs. If I go to a dealer to buy some shrooms, the chances of me being offered or exposed to harder drugs is much higher than someone who doesn’t buy drugs at all, in that way all drugs can be considered gateway. Some people are also genetically predisposed to mental illness, these people should stay away from drugs as they can hasten the onset of mental illness, nothing is worth causing early onset bi-polar disorder. HPPD is also a risk when taking psychadelics (although very unlikely)