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Well since ephedrine is killed, I ordered my first bottle of Hot-Rox. Choosing between that and Clenbuterol, I wanted to give Biotest a shot because T-mag is so amazing. So I’ll tell you all how it goes. Here’s my other question: If I was to use Sudafed, how much do I need to take? How much of it is norephedrine? What’s a good dosing regime, besides supplement it with caffeine.
Thanks, Proteinpowda

Just tagging along, I just ordered two bottle myself. We’ll be trying it together.

You have nasal congestion?

that’s a really intersting idea actually. I have no idea if it would work in the same pathways as typical fat burners would. but shit if you can make crystal meth out of it…must be good for somethin.

ACtually, far as I know, it’s just Ephedra that’s been killed. Ephedrine HCL is still very available OTC in various asthma meds(Primatene, Bronkaid, Vasapro, etc). I make my own EC stacks this way…20mg Eph HCL and 200mg caffeine.

This also might be of interest:

I found another forum in which someone claimed pseudophed had no thermogenic effect, but he gave no evidence that he knew what he was talking about–he just asserted it. I would be interested in learing more about this also.

I’m fairly sure that psuedoephedrine is devoid of any real peripheral sympathetic effects. I’m not completely sure about this though and will see if I can find some research on the subject.

My question however would be why someone would want to use that when they can still obtain ephedrine and stack it with caffiene and yohimbe if so desired?

I am not fully sure of its effects on blood chem or response, but i do know that it is a banned substance by the IOC for its ergogenic properties. I believe it has to do more with respiration and hearth rate than thermogenic effects. Caffine is also a banned substance by the IOC if it is above a certain blood concentration.

i am pretty sure this has already been covered in previous posts, maybe a couple of years ago. From memory: no real thermo effect, may help with alertness.
the guy to ask would be Cy

Pseudo is crappo, stick with the ephedrine HCL. It is still available and I feel is actually better than ephedra. The dosing is much more accurate.