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Since ephedrine is no longer available could a person safely substitute psuedoephedrine (a.k.a. Sudafed) for ephedrine in a caffine+ephedrine stack?


Ephedra, the herb, was banned. Ephedrine HCL, the FDA approved asthma medicine, was not.

I can get Ephedrine HCL at gas stations all day long, so I don't think that Sudafed is required.


Ehedra was banned, ephedrine in hcl and sulfate forms are readily available. and cheaper than i thought it would be for less than 20 bucks i got a whole months supply of eca stack

Try your local pharmacy and look for bronchodilators such as primatene ,bronchaid and the like. it will also contain guaifenesin but thats not really a big problem for me at least. if you want to cut down on that search online for vasopro which has about half the guaifenesin than the others and is cheaper to.

hope this helps