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Pseudo Paleo for Powerlifter

Hey guys short story:
Id like to lose 10kgs and stay at the 90kg category, i am around 25% of body fat and i train with ME DE method.
I have members of my family who either have diabetes or high gi in blood test included myself. I have always followed a high carb diet, no junk food, but rice legumes oats and potatoes as main sources of carbs.
Id like to know what do you think about a pseudo paleo diet, no dairy and grains.
Id eat 300-400g of fruits and 300-500g of veggies, 500g of lean meat, 5whole eggs, snack on almonds and ham or other animal protein and use 4-6 tbsp of olive oil. This daily. Could be around 2500kcal
Just interested to know if you had luck with paleo diets

I’ve never, ever heard of a fellow powerlifter using a paleo diet. At 25% bodyfat, a simple reduction in calories would probably go a long way and allow you to drop a few lbs without sacrificing any strength. I’m currently 11 lbs down myself over the past month and still hitting PR’s in the gym.

I’m not saying don’t do a paleo diet though. If you think thats what is going to work for you then go ahead.

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I know lifters who went low carb but this diet is not very low like keto although main sources of carbs are fruits. I counted the macros and its 200g protein 170g fat and 100g carbs.
Ill try it and see how it goes

I think a modified Paleo approach works very well.

The problem is that most people bastardize the Paleo diet into something it’s not.

Anything that increases the amount of fresh produce, quality protein, and reduces the amount of crap is probably a good idea. The one thing I would do differently is something similar to Nate Miyaki’s approach, adding a little bit of extra carbs in the form of rice or sweet potatoes.

I don’t think that gluten is inherently evil and must be demonized, but I have definitely felt better with a focus on fruits, vegetables, meats, and occasional helpings of rice, potatoes, and yams as the majority of my diet.

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With occasional you mean like eating potatoes once or twice a week ? I think sweet potatoes fall in the paleo category

Good evening awesome team,

Again thank you for all the informative post! I’ve read Dr. JADE TETA’s metabolic effect book and really loved the breakdown of the types of fuel burners. As a personal trainer and the curious person I am, I was looking for some insight on nutrition and where I should go to next after reading ME to help better understand macros, carb-protein intake, and how to experiment with myself to ultimately hit my goal of retaining as much muscle as possible while hitting single digit body fat. Now I do know life isn’t all about aesthetics and I should be preparing for the long haul of life as coach Dan John and Pavel put it, but it never hurts to look good buck-neccit!
A few questions:

  1. As a classified muscle burner by the ME standards, with numbers being:
    (208lbs, 13% BF, 6’1"), what’s the best way to approach nutrition for fat loss to be able to hit single digit body fat while still retaining muscle

  2. Is there a better way to program the Power-Building scheme that will help with my goals?

  3. Any book recommendations on understanding nutrition?

I think your plan sounds just fine, so long as you are able to put down the food. Eating hgh quantities of minimally processed food can be tough for some people.

On another note, 300-400g of fruit might be a bit more fructose than your liver will appreciate (esp. if looking for fat loss). If you are looking for glycogen restoration, most people do just fine with white rice, potatoes, or sweet potatoes, so you may be better off with those than fruit. The idea behind “paleo” is to eliminate foods that may be problematic, not to blindly eat what people in the paleolithic era ate (which actually varied widely from one area of the world to another).

We’re all individuals so you’re probably going to have to give this a shot for a while and see how it affects how you look, feel, and perform, then figure out how to move forward.

Does that help?

Here is my 2 cents…

I am not an amatuer or pro powerlifter, however I train the big 3 and always try to set new PRs. But, my reason for lifting is health. So if you a looking to compete avoid the rest.

I was in the same boat, slightly overweight, but not bad. I looked at trying paleo, but I
ruled it out, because I found it to be expensive and non-practical.

So my wife and I recently switched over to a mediterrian style diet. The diet revolves around plant based foods and olive oil, with the main sources of protein being fish, chicken, and beans. It also advocates for grains and some bread.

ZI curtailed the diet to meet my needs. For example it recommends no more then 4 eggs a weeek, I am somewhere between 12-16 (instead of 28). It also restricts beef to two times per month, but I still consume it once or twice a week. I use the “meatless meals” as my cheat days and will usully make a homemade pizza with a thin whole wheat crust and load it up with veggies. All and all the diet has worked. Im not shredded, but I am not fat. Most importantly my lifts are going up! It is also fairly cheap, which is a bonus. Google mediterrian diet and see if you like it.

I’m paleo powerlifter. Ever since Ive been eating 2lbs + of veggies a day my energy and strength have gone up!

Not really sure if Paleo but if interested I set mine up like this since I have had to drastically reduce carb intake as of late as well due to diabetic like issues.

3 jumbo Eggs
2 pieces thick cut bacon
1oz Almonds

Meal 2- blended
1 1/2 scoop whey
2 cups spinach or kale
2 tbsp peanut butter

8oz steak or chicken thighs with oil
Vegetables usually just raw for ease of prep.

Snack (2 hours before training)
Same as meal 2

Dinner- hour before bed
8 oz steak or Beef Liver
100g of carbs from different combinations of sweet potatoes, papaya, mangos, or fresh pineapple. Usually 50g from potatoes and the rest from the other.
May do a salad with oil based dressing here as well depending on leanness of the steak.

On training days I add 100g of Karbolyn or Maltodextrin with creatine, bcaa, sodium, and some potassium mixed in about 70oz of water flavored with sugar free something. I start drinking it 30 mins before training and it lasts until the end of the session.

Puts me around 250g of carbs on training days and 150g on off days. Has been working well and is enough carbs to keep my energy ok. The extra fat has really helped my overall mood and maybe I’m just imagining it but my elbows and knees seem to really like a higher fat diet.