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Pseudo Gyno?

I am looking for information on how to get rid of fat in my chest. I have taken prohormones without pct and now I have noticeable excess fat it my chest area. Does anyone have any information about getting rid of this or is the only way to get surgery. I have 15% bf but I have compared pics at the same weight and there is a big difference. If surgery is needed does anyone have recomendations in the North East?

But is Gyno just having fat in your chest or more like the hard pea shaped ball under the skin?

Gyno is actual breast tissue, fat is fat men tend to get fat in the chest and while this is often reffered to as gyno its not always. As gyno can present with extra fat and breast tissue. And yes lumps are indicative of gyno but gyno can also just feel like a small breast because it is breast tissue.

There are def no lumps. There is just extra breast tissue where it never was before at the same bf%. Is it a waste of time to try normal ways of getting rid of gyno? What would be a good course of action. I’ll spend the money if I have to but I’d rather not, of course.

SEARCH BUTTON!! hint: femara/letrozol