PSA Went Up Since Starting TRT

I’m 63, started TRT in January. I do 50 mgs twice a week with 1/8 armidex twice a week. My latest blood test was 1000 tt and 30 estradiol. I feel great. I have 2 questions about blood test results.
First, my PSA went from .5 to 1.2. I’ve been monitoring my blood tests for over 10 years and my PSA has never been over .7 . The range is <4 so I’m still fairly low, but is this jump common? Something to be concerned about ?
Secondly my AST (liver) value went up. I’ve always been high on that but only 1 or 2 points. The upper range is 35 and I always come in at 36 or 37. Since starting trt it’s jumped to 56 on 2 blood tests.Again I don’t know if this number is something to be concerned with. I don’t drink or do oral steroids, only take an occasional tylonol so I don’t understand it. The only variable is starting trt. I can’t find anything on this forum or anywhere else about this. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Anastrazole related acute hepatitis. Says the liver enzymes went back to normal after cessation. Could be a possibility, I don’t think testosterone increases those numbers, so it is a variable worth checking out.

The first test when they came back elevated was before I started the armidex

Need to be cautious extending a case report for a post-menopausal woman taking 7mg/week anastrozole to a TRT context.

AST/AST can be markedly increased by sore muscles from resistance training.

If prostate had some degree of BPH while having low T levels, introducing TRT will make a T deprived prostate bigger and healthier and some PSA increase then expected. You can try lower E2 near E2=22pg/ml and see if you feel OK on that. Prostate is sensitive to estrogens and estrogens may be a significant risk factor. I have been on TRT for 11+ years and my PSA keeps getting lower. There are prostate protective herbal products.

Orgasms increase PSA release and can skew labs a bit. Never do PSA labs soon after a DRE!

Orgasms clear seminal vessels and lack of orgasms can lead to racid semen and the inflammation can lead to prostate inflammation etc. Seminal vesicles - Wikipedia

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