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PSA Results from TRT and HCG and Arimidex

Some questions on the PSA test when using HCG and Testosterone Cyp and Arimidex:

  1. What is a normal range when on TRT along with HCG and Armimidex?
  2. Does TRT or the other drugs cause a rise in your score?
  3. Some doctors say no sex (I assume that is any type of ejaculation)… 24, 48 or 72 hours prior to the test. My doc says 24 hours…what do the latest studies say?
  4. Had ejaculated 22 hours before the test, what does that do to my overall score? Should I attribute a 1 point increase do to this or what are your thoughts?

please let me know your thoughs

Based solely on my experience - PSA range is some wide ass range that isn’t really that relevant. What is important is what your PSA score on TRT is relative to what your PSA score was when you were not on TRT.

I believe normal is below 4, or something like that. My baseline was .7, nowhere near the upper limit. Once, I wasn’t abstinent for 48 hours and it came back at 1.2 - way below the range, but significantly higher than my baseline, so they wanted to retest.

On the retest, one week after the original, it was .9 - so no worries.

So, it’s more about where it is relative to the baseline. And my previous doctors wanted 48 hours of abstinence.

I wouldn’t sweat it.