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PSA Regarding Windows 10 and Linux


As you may have noticed, Microsoft released an update which they KNEW TO BE FLAWED, which bricked my computer.

And my brothers.

Now, to build it all up again, after saving my data, 2 hours.

Fighting Microsoft along the way, two days…

I implore you, if you only want word processing, email, watch Youtube and whatnot, get a Linux system.

It won´t release updates that force your computer into an infinite boot loop, it won´t hinder you from making a usb bootstick, it is 1,5 GB instead of 30, it is more stable AND IT IS FREE!!!

And that is the very, very least of it, I could write pages about why Microsoft sucks sweaty, salty donkey balls…

Microsoft, you filthy swine, you are haram, trefe and generally unclean and may you rot in hell in the very special place that is reserved for arsonist, rapists and Child molesters.

If any one is having problems with the latest windows 10 update, I am on top of that now, if you have questions, shoot.

I haven’t yet. Key word YET.

Also, my one brother agrees with you. He likes Linux, red hat, and a whole bunch of other stuff I do not know anything about. He’s the go to guy for that stuff in my family.

Well, even if you never, ever, have looked into Linux with the universal usb generator you can have a bootable usb stick in seconds.


I mean, I am gonna run some experiments on old rigs just so I can see what the performance is like if there is no OS masturbating half of the performance away.

It took 3 hours for the update to install, but thank God it finally did with no issues.

Is there an internet link somewhere that explains this better? I have not heard of any issues with this except for a few laptop brands with some specialized windows only boot hardware so I know just to avoid those.

I had ubuntu because I hated 8, and honestly it was a piece of shit too. Ive never had so many problems in my life installing a simple program because of package dependency issues. I hate windows 10, it runs slower than my old PC which still uses XP, in fact I think they should publicly hang the people involved with pushing this god forsaken piece of shit product out onto the market. Unfortunately, I need a lot of windows programs to get my work done. Linux has some replacements but I am not taking 2 hours to install a simple piece of software because of dependency errors.

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With the caveat that it is not just when you upgrade from 7 or 8, it also bricks 10s.

Well, that I can see, BUT, if you only need standard stuff, it is all there on Ubuntu.

Linux Mint is a nice first linux distro to try. Once you get used to linux then maybe fedora, currently using fedora with cinnamon gui for quite a while, its very nice.