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This was posted in PWI but did not get much traffic,and I wanted all those who posted in previous TSA related threads who said:

--If you do not want to deal with the TSA you should drive and not fly--

to read this.

Cliff notes: The TSA is now doing traffic stops


Who cares?

I do my drugs before I travel so I got nothing to hide


Hey! The terrorists won after all!


^It is beginning to feel that way.

ID, how are you doing? Have not seen you around the boards much.


Hey Tex.

I'm here and there. Mostly there. lol

Busy with work and such.



I don't get what the problem is here.

I have lived 31 of my 43 years in either Washington DC or NYC, so I don't have an issue with multiple police forces and random searches, which is essentially what this is.



Got a smart phone so I can post more still get little more done. Found a new presentation platform, prezi, that I have spent some time working on. Have a new conference presentation coming up.

How is your boy liking college?


Good stuff!

My son is LOVING college! He's a bit of a star there... his dorm room is a gathering place into the night with kids listening to my son's own music, black lights, and general craziness. Oh, and he loves his classes too. Tons of homework, but the subjects are his passion anyway, so it's all good. Thanks!