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PSA Is Rising and Biopsy OK

I have been doing injections for 6 months and my PSA keeps rising. I had a Prostate Biopsy a while back and everything was fine. I’m sure there is a link between the injections and my PSA levels. I am wondering if a supplement like Ageless male or something like that would lower my PSA levels. Are there any supplements that actually work? Not sure what to do.

What does your doctor say?

I just got the results back this morning. He wants to do another test, but this time check the Free PSA.
I fired my Urologist who did my biopsy, because I ended up in the hospital with Sepsis two days after.
My hormone doc is now my main doc for T. I don’t know that I want to continue with the injections though. Looking for a supplement that might help.

What were your PSA levels?

I’m at 5.5 right now.

They say that is a pretty high level. What was your PSA before you started TRT?

Mine went up a point over the last year while on TRT (.8 to 1.8). I think if it started off high and then only went up little while on TRT you are prob okay. But if it was low and has shot up a bunch then I’d do what I can to find out what it is.

All that said, it also depends on your age. If you’re 70 then it isn’t likely be what takes you down. If 30 then I’d be more nervous.

My PSA was below 2 when I started. I have an appointment next week with a Urologist. I’m 42, so hopefully the Doc will find an answer.

Have you checked your E2?

Man did they knock you out for the biopsy?

Daily Cialis is helpful. I take 5mg a day of generic Tadalafil for many reasons.

I like this over more biopsies. Testosterone can result in BPH and elevated PSA. Next time you get your test, abstain from sex for at least 48 hours, no heavy lifting, squats, dead lifts, etc. No cycling.

Why are we responding to an 8 year old thread?

One possible thing to look into is that you have a chronic prostate infection. I have a long history of low PSA values, TRT had absolutely no affect on PSA. See the graph below, I started TRT in January 2012. Then suddenly in October 2019 my PSA shot way up. I started a 40 day course of Ciprofloxacin treatment and it came back down to my typical low levels.

Because I was not paying attention to the date and did not notice it was from 2012…

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