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PSA: Don't be a Douchebag


You train MMA. That's cool. It's a good sport, lot of fun, great exercise, etc. and it's good for self defense and competition.

Self defense. That's when you are physically attacked and your safety is in danger. Not when somebody calls you a bitch. "But yeah dude, but he was talkin shit bro!" Tough. Deal with it. It happens. Responsible adults don't get into fights over name-calling, and if you aren't a responsible adult, this isn't the sport for you.

Competition. That's when two willing, trained athletes compete under the direction and supervision of coaches, referees, and other licensed officials. Not when "check it bro he heard I took UFC classes so we fought after the basketball game." You're not proving anything by having sloppy fights with people who don't train, and if you're losing them...God help you.

Anyway, don't mean to gripe, but I'm about to have a "come to Jesus meeting" with some of the high school meatheads in my class, figured I'd post a little reminder here. Most of the posters here seem pretty level headed, but you never know who's lurking..


Wait this only applies to real life, You're still allowed to be an asshole in threads.... Right?? lol

Most of the guys who run their mouth or are constantly getting in fights seem to be the newbs who think if you train for 6 months you're a hardass. Most veteran fighters are not like this. I'm sure there's some exceptions.


I agree with your post. But MMA is not self-defense, it is a fighting style. If you get into an MMA style altercation on the street, it's not self defense, it's fighting. There's a big difference.

As I say always- sport compeition is barely comparable to street violence.


It's funny how street fighting has changed since the rise of UFC. I saw a guy get into with a bouncer at a club. The guy tried to hit the bouncer, the bouncer tackled the guy to the ground, the guy on the ground immediately put him in a guard (it was obvious he was copying what he saw on tv).

The bouncer looked at him briefly like wtf, then stood up, broke the guard, grabbed him by the leg and spun him around then grabbed him by the neck and carried him out of the club!

LOL That guy was probably thinking, wtf I did what they do on TV, how come it didn't work. People don't understand the basics of MMA or Jiu Jitsu but try to apply it in street fighting.


hahaha. Well... I'm not surprised.


MMA works just fine for self defense...but only if you know what you're doing lol


Fixed that for ya. The original comment was as risky as triangle choking a guy with a knife. :wink:





My point is that self-defense is much, much larger than knowing how to punch or kick, and that knowing how to punch and kick is not in itself self-defense- they are just skills that are only as effective as the situation they're employed in.

The term "self-defense" is often misused, especially by the meatheads you hate so much (and rightfully so.) Just clarifying is all.


Yeah, I got you man. I was just saying that these knuckleheads shouldn't be out doing their best to get into fights and calling it "self defense".

My favorite 1-2 punch for self defense is to "watch what I'm doing" following by a vicious "keep my mouth shut" :wink:


hahah absolutely.


I didn't mean for it to turn into another "MMA for self defense" thread. My original point was not to act like a hardass and go around looking for trouble because you've had a couple classes.


Fixed again. =)