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PS3 or Xbox360?


Hi guys im thinking of buying one of tham and i looked at the games of the PS3 and thay are cool , also can be said for the Xbox360.
Since i dont have friends who own either i thought i would sask you guys what do you think?


No wireless, separate adapter is about $50
Potential RROD
Wide range of games
Better online network

Wireless built in
Some cool exclusive titles
Small chance of it fucking out

I have a 360, but I want a PS3 for some of the exclusive games it comes with.

Get both.


Xbox 360 all the way..Better games,more games,More powerful GPU.....


what games are you interested in playing because each system has some exclusive games


I own an Xbox 360, and I have really enjoyed it. Make sure you pick up a warranty with it though, you won't regret it.

And if you want to play online against people I'd go with the 360. The Xbox live community is a whole lot further along than Playstation's online experience, imo. Call of Duty 4 ftw.


x2, lol


backuped games and downloaded games come only with the xbox the blueray is a pin in the ass for modders..


yup, I have both.

Mod your 360. Buy games for the ps3 which you would want to play online.


ps3 is not even close to being hacked to play backups. If that ever happens, it would probably be loaded from the HD, like the PSP.


supposedly microsoft fixed the RROD. http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=26349975

im on team xbox...but as of late ps3 has been looking sexy to me


It depends on the games you like, because that will determine the system you choose based on the exclusive titles.

The PS3 has the advantage with first-party development titles and unique creation titles such as LittleBigPlanet and a Mario-Kart like one called ModNation Racers coming in the future.

The 360 has Halo.


LOL... this is an endless geek discussion... you can find it in a lot of forums all over the net. There are a lot of fanboys on both sides, but if you ask me, the important thing about a console is that you have fun playing it, I have played both, and both of them are very fun to play and are worth their cost.

Maybe Ill incline myself for de PS3 becuase I like blue ray, but xbox's Project Natal looks very very interesting, as I said before the important thing in a console is that you have fun playing with it, thats what they are designed for.


thanks for all the posts guys , im more of an rpg and fighting gamer , this is for saturdays with the friends since the gym here is closed , im from israel so buying both isnt realistic since the prices are about twice than at the us or anywhere else.
i think i will go with the ps3 since its got heavy rain and that will look bad ass on my TV :]


Just curious....whats the price on games and blu-ray movies there?


good choice, and so will FF13


blue ray movies from 50$-100$ depands on the movies
PS3 from 500$ and up denpanding on the kit you pick up , if its plain Ps3 package than around 500 if its something newer than it can go up to 1K$
Xbox360 around 720$
so no not realy cheap
too bad it dosent support PS2 games :frowning: i have some catching up to do on the FF family did you play TLR?


ps3 is backwards compatible with a pretty good amount of its games


i looked it up on wikipedia, thay say that all those with backword compatabilty arent in production since 2006 , and since im buying a new one i wont have the chip or the gpu to use those games , if i could than great if not than no biggy


that project natal is sooo fuckin coooll....OMG


Have both, but 360 gets the most use.