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PS3 Games


A lot of game threads going on around here lately so i might as well add to it.

I have a PS3 and while the games look amazing i just dont get the same fun out of playing them compared to ps1 & ps2 games.

The only games i like on PS3 are:

GTA san adreas
Fight Night

Im looking foward to baseball but its not out here in Aus yet.

Im not a fan of shooting games at all,they bore me to tears.

Tiger woods games while amazing on ps2 are jerky and no where near as fun or easy on the ps3.

Its only early for ps3 i know but who here cant reccomend some decent sport games or action games.

Ive played madden but not being American i cant get into it at all,no rugby union or cricket games have been made so far so that kinda sucks.

The kinda games i love are

Zelda (all of em)
GTA (all of em apart from GTA3)
Resident evil
Boxing games

So any suggestions would be appreciated


don't like shooting games? I'm buying a ps3 just to get killzone 2.

little big planet?


If you like soccer, you could pick up FIFA.

NHL 09 is a fun game. Even if you don't like hockey you can have fun playing this game and the controls are simple, yet have depth to them.

NBA 2k8 and College Hoops 2k8 are both good b-ball games and can be had for cheap.


Aren't you guys a little old for video games. If my girls saw me playing video games they would think I was an immature geek.


Resident evil is a Survival Horror game that involves shooting.....


someone suggested FIFA and i have to second that. once you get the cross and header down, its just so cool. its a shame you dont like shooters though. left 4 dead is supposedly coming out for ps3 eventually.

how do you differentiate between shooters and action games?

ghostbusters was actually pretty good too. maybe not $60 good. but if you liked the movies itd be a good rental.

prototype was pretty badass. and infamous was pretty cool too.

there were some good racing games that came out recently too. pure was a quad racer, and fuel had dirtbikes, quads, and dune buggies in it. and fuel was free roam.

if all else fails, you could always give harry potter a try. pahahaha.


HA My son and I fight over the PS3 like little kids...My wife wanted to ground us both for being assholes to each other over playing time...for the record I remember my buddy's parents buying pong!...yep I knew jesus when he was a carpenter.


We have similar tastes in games. I'm also not much of a shooter fan, which is a pity because so many games are 1st and 3rd person shooters, but 'Resident Evil 5' was quite entertaining. Give it a rent.

Have you tried 'Fight Night: Round 4' yet? How does it compare to FNR3?

And I have to agree with a previous poster, hockey games (like 'NHL 09') are a blast even if you are not a hockey fan. They are fast paced and great for trash-talking with your friends: if you're into that sort of thing!


But since you can't move and shoot at the same time, it's a shooter in the same way that Duck Hunt was a shooter.


I would suggest Dead Space over Resident Evil.....that is a survival horror game. Resident Evil has lost that moniker,imo.


Yeah, it's only been out 3 years; can't expect decent games in such a short time frame.


yeah I agree too. Hockey game are the best thing around on console. It is so damn fun to play with a few friends


The average age of video game players today is 30+ years old. Considering how games have advanced into complete entertainment "events" and not just absent minded repetitive action like PONG, why would a girl today be surprised that her man plays video games?

In fact, if seeing that you play video games by itself is enough to cause your girl to lose respect for you, then you clearly don't have much else going for you.


Well said. I cannot understand that mentality.


You should try infamous. It is a bit like GTA in the fact you can walk around and destroy or kill whatever you want. Graphics are good and game play is smooth.


The best game I've played in a long time.


Question on the PS3 (and XBox, and other similar).

I've been a PC gamer forever, and still active in a clan that's been together going on about 8 years now (incidentally, the average age of the clan is mid-40's and includes 2 police officers and an airline pilot)

Is there a pretty good online community with the game boxes? How do you interact vocally with others or type messages real time?


there's a game coming out called Fat Princess look very fun heres the trailer

i hear good things about infamous.

fallout 3

little big planet

dead space

God of War 3 is coming out- only played the first one and fuck that game was fun played like 8 hours straight

cant believe u dont like FPSs


My PS3 gamer tag is MarcKeys if any of you fools want to throw down.#

I'm currently playing the hell out of UFC and with a record of 3-8 I suck but I'm trying goddamn it!


Dante's Inferno comes out Q1 2010 as well, gameplay looks kind of like GoW but from everything I've seen so far it really plays up the darkness of hell and tries to keep to the poem's theme.

I usually hate when games mimic eachother but when they are actually good games I just can't really complain about it, fun is fun =/