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PS3: Dead Space is too Disturbing For Me!


I can't believe it. I grew up watching countless horror movies and pride myself in not being spooked easily, but this game freaks me out. Only an hour and a half into the game and I have a feeling I'm putting it aside forever.

It's really too bad because the graphics are great and the interface is unique...

I think it's the ambient noise that seals the deal for me. You always hear pipes clanking so you assume some creature is running up your backside. End result is that you're constantly looking back, which then makes you even more paranoid.

Well done, game developers. You broke me..... too bad I won't be dropping anymore money into sequels.



You have numerous brutal weapons to decimate, decapitate and desecrate your foes with. Go forth and destroy, you have nothing to fear.

If you were an unarmed little girl trapped in a haunted mansion things might be different, but come on...


Sac up,

Its a video game.


Dude that game is not even close to scary, where did your nuts go? Its got some surpise shocks in there but nothing that great. It eventually just gets repetitive sawing limbs off of countless monsters.


Keep at it dude. The game is fantastic.


If this is new to you, then you haven't played very many scary video games.


I felt the same way when I played Doom when I was in 2nd grade, and the first time I played Resident evil when I was in 5th grade. Both of them scared the shit out of me.


Yours is the best username and avatar I've seen in a long time. "Mr. Body Massage" had it for awhile, but you trump him easily. Great job.

Probably one of the gayest yet most hilarious film scenes ever...the oiled up, jacked up sax player in Lost Boys singing "I STILL BELIEEEEEEVE!!!"


It's a good game. It had its eerie moments, but come on. I only played it at night in utter darkness.

Of course, I played Clocktower when I was like 8.


Dead Space was a great game but it was more eerie than just straight up scary.

As far as scary games go I'll say F.E.A.R. takes the cake for me. I got to the part in the game where you go to the office building and those "Invisible Ninjas" started coming out and that's all she wrote...I couldn't take anymore more.

I'd like to play it again as well as the second one, at the same time I'm not so keen on having a heart attack at this point in my life.


I second F.E.A.R - a friend and I played it and the game gave us some good scares.

RE2 was good, the latest one not-so-much.


You know, whatever respect you had from me, you lost with this statement.

That goddamn TV show with Morgan Webb (HOT -DO WANT!) rated RE5 as one of the top 10 worst sequels of all time.

I have NO IDEA why - my roommate and I played that fucking game nonstop when we got it until we beat the absolute dogshit out of it. It was AWESOME.

you suck.


Dude RE5 was the SHIT. Me and my buddy fuckin raped that game. Chris Redfield was a jacked up beast, fucking punching boulders and shit. I think though, that RE4 was the best as far as gameplay and sheer awesomeness, it was also longer. The original resident evil redone for the gamecube has to be the scariest fucking one though. That mansion always gave me the creeps, and the crimson zombies surpise attacking you with lighting speed was horrifying. I remember wishing I had unlimitied gasoline so I could burn every single zombie body I found because I wanted to completely prevent their appearances. RE2 was almost as scary, RE3 not so much, but it did make me really panicky thinking Nemesis was stalking me all the time, and it was still a really fun, good game.


The Silent Hill Series....yikes!


The Lost Boys is one of my all-time favorite movies, but looking back there are a lot of not so subtle gay undertones. In Sams bedroom there's a poster of a shirtless dude pulling on his pants. I think it's Rob Lowe. Seriously, what fuckin' 15 year old guy has a poster of a half naked Rob Lowe pulling on his junk on his door, and what kind of parent allows that to go down? That always bugged me.


I only played part of dead space but it was pretty good, I'll have to rent it again. FEAR and FEAR 2 are my faves of the genre. RE4 and 5 were good, not at all scary but good games. The new Silent Hill game was pretty crazy too, definitely reccomend that one if you have some time on your hands because it gets pretty cool after the beginning.


Thought DOOM 4 [think it was 4] had some creepy moments. It was way more story based than the other DOOMs. Gonna have to check some of these games out.


Glad someone else liked it ! For some reason the game gets no love; though I agree it wasn't that scary.


Class of 2009 are a bunch of pussies.


FEAR is the shit.

Any of you guys that played it tried #2? How is it?