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Every week i read another person asking for repeats of others' best lifts. gets a little dry (though i read anyway).

The info i request is this, i wanna know other BB/PL maxes, though not in the gym. Im hoping this covers a broad range... most cardio done week before a contest, most calories eaten in a day while on bulk.

I'll start.

One week I ate 7.5 dozen egg whites while at 200lbs.

It seems like a lot to me, though im sure some of you big big guys have done more. Top me!


I used to go on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes straight, 3 days a week, and 35 of those minutes, my heart rate was at or above 170BPM.

That was back when I was skinny.

I also ran a 5K race in 22 minutes around the same time as when I was doing all that elliptical stuff.


Hmmm, non-gym PR? Once I ate 4 large pizzas from Pizza Hut and 2 orders of CinnaStix in 45 minutes. Is that impressive? I dunno...


One time I ate 5 Arby's sandwhiches in one setting and then went to the gym. I don't remember getting any PR's, but I do distinctly remember my roomate saying "All that Arby's making me feel sick when I ran", to which I responded, "Pussy, all that Arby's made me feel STRONG".


I ate some where near 12,000 calories in about 16 hours one weekend on my anabolic diet.

Donuts and pizza mmmmmmmmmm.

I think some beer was in there for good measure.


not that im bragging but one day i really impressed myself. when i used to wrestle in college, we had a long running day. 6.6 mile trail. i didnt really pace myself, i just kinda followed some of the small guys (i was in 184/197 class depending on time of season). ran a 44:37. to my knowledge i have never broken a 6 minute mile though.


I used to eat 18-20 egg whites per day when I lived in the dorms at school. All you can eat buffet with a bucket of hard-boiled eggs.

I once ate four pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream followed by a bag of oreos followed by an entire large bag of Doritos followed by a box of Nutty Bars while watching a movie on one of my cheat days. I drank a protein shake before hand so I would at least get some protein with it, haha, like it would matter at that point.

I've stayed awake for three days straight before--one of the first times I experimented with an ECA stack.

Hm, what else... I weighed myself before and after dropping a duece and lost almost five pounds afterwards.

I'm looking forward to some of the things I know people will post (e.g. Dave Tate's diet).