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I trap bar deadlifted 270 x 3 today, I didn’t think that was bad considering i weigh about 145 lb so. I think i had more in me but my grip is horrible. I also full squatted 195 x 3 and bench pressed 175 x 3 which are all PR’s for me. So i’m getting stronger and loving it. 145 is actually the heaviest i’ve ever been too haha. So things are going well. I am training similar to how Joe DeFranco trains his athletes and its working great. So basically westside with a couple twists.

good work man, its nice to see fellow lightweights on here (im 170 but used to be 155ish not too long ago) it comes with work man and truth is if you look at guys who get big from being small they usually look a hell of a lot better than guys who have always been bulky. Those weights are great man, i just started dl a little while ago and cant do too much more than you. As far as your grip are you trying alternating grip for your heavy lifts??? if not you will find it helps out a shitload. Either way grip strength is just another thing that comes along with pushing lots of weight around. goodluck man keep us posted.

Hey thats good lifting. Pretty soon you’ll be doing double BW. If you have grips problems then try rack holds for 8-12secs. These really overload the grip.
Or you could change your grip. If you are doing OH then try mixed grip. I can only rack hold 350 with OH but 505 with mixed. Or you could try a hook grip if you don’t like the mixed. I find its about halfway between my two grips in terms of strength (415).

Well you can’t really do a mixed grip with trap bar deads and i’m possitive i could do double my body weight with trap bar deads right now. Regular deads i normally use a mixed grip and i will be using those and box squats as a max effort exercise pretty soon so we’ll find out where i stand on that. I’m disappointed with my full squat weight of 195x3 and i can trap bar dead 270x3.

Hook grip then?

What about regular deadlifts?
Trap bar d.l.s don’t involve enough low back and are a lot of leg strength.I’m not dising you that is not a bad p.r.at all for the trap bar.

I’m going to be doing regular deadlifts soon as soon as i rotate my max effort exercises.