PRs Every Week

Training modified westside and LOVING it, I’m having PR’s in my max effort exercises and most of my assitance exercises every week. In last four weeks i’ve done this for my max effort bench.
Week 1- 2 board press- 180x3
Week 2- 2 board press- 185x3
Week 3- floor press- 205x1
Week 4- floor press- 210x1

And those are way more than anything i’ve ever done. I dont have my weights before this written down cause i didnt keep a very good training log before. My last max bench press was 200 lbs about a month and a half ago so things are going well. I’ll mix in 5x5 and 4x12 for my lats, kinda like waterbury. And i’ll add in some extreme drops sets for things like dumbbell flys, biceps exercises and side laterals, and superman sets like CT. I’m not a bodybuilder or a powerlifter so i just try to get stronger and look better in general, i guess u could call it powerbuilding. But one thing that is weird is that i’m no doubt stronger, and i think i look bigger, BUT I’M NOT ANY BIGGER ON THE SCALE. I dont get it. I’m farely small anyway though at like 140 to 145, it fluctuates. When i hit my goal of bench pressing 225, i’m gonna switch to max effort method for my lats and 5x5 and 4x12 for my pressing exercise, so i’m not just trying to be a strong bencher, i’d like to be strong all around.

Good job on your pr’s. How is your squatting and deadlifting going?

My lower body training hasn’t been going to well because in the middle of May I hurt my back and now that my back is better I work 10 hour days and i’m on my feet all day and I just haven’t gotten back into it. I know I need to and starting to slowly.