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PRs and Cutting

This month I decided to loose some fat, while on the HST routine.

This is my 2nd HST cycle. What I noticed in the last 1 month of training, ie since the start of this cycle on May 22nd, is this:
My chest increased 0,5-1 cm.
My waist decreased 0,5-1 cm.
My weight remained the same.
This normally means I am gaining muscle while I loose fat. Not spectacular progress, but I think these are good results.

This is my method in more details:
Since June 12th, I do 3 weight lifting workouts and 3 energy workouts per week. So I go to the gym 6 days a week, 1 day rest. This idea is taken from the EAS training program.

I tried Tabata but I noticed that they are too draining for the CNS. The day after Tabata, my legs were too tired for Squat or DL. So I switched to lighter HIIT. Usually 6-9 minutes of running, ranging from 5km/hour to 15km/hour, 73% to 100% of my MaxHeartRate.

Before HIIT, I will pick 2-4 upper body exercises and do some high reps. Like 70-100 reps of rows with low weight. The idea for the high reps is taken from Waterbury’s article: [http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1063194]

The last 10 days I am on strict diet. My BMR is about 2.400 kcal per day. What I do is consume no more than 1.200 kcal per day, PLUS my pre-post wo drinks. I try to cover the energy expended during the workouts purely with cals from the fast carbos of the drink. The cals from protein of the drink is the extra bonus to my body.

So on a typical energy wo day, my wo will cost me 270 kcals. This means I need at least 2.400 + 270 = 2670 kcal. What I will do is consume 1200 kcal of food, plus 715 pre-post wo, which is 1915 kcal. So I THINK I protect my muscles, I promote anabolism, I speed up my metabolism and I burn more than 700 kcals of fat that day.

On a typical weight lifting day, my wo will cost me 500 kcals. This means I need at least 2.400 + 500 = 2900 kcal. What I will do is consume 1650 kcal or more of food, plus 950 pre-post wo, which is 2600 kcal. So I THINK I promote anabolism, I speed up my metabolism and I still burn some fat.

So although I am on a low calorie diet, when I go to the gym I am full of energy and I can make some progress. Actually today I made new PR on my DL. 2 sets of 5x130 kgr, easy! Previous PR was 5x130, 4x130, one month ago.

After an energy wo, I keep on the restricted diet. After a weight lifting wo, I eat excess calories until I sleep, so I promote anabolism.

So what I am doing is trying to load the muscles with nutrients around my workouts. Eat a little more after weight lifting. I speed up my metabolism and eat less than maintenance calories. So I do loose fat, I gain strength. My muscle size is at the highest, my weight is at the highest. This idea came to me after I read the “Pimp my HST” pdf.

Some other parameters:
Before I used to take creatine only post wo. Now I split the dose and I take it pre+post wo.
Last cycle I did 3x5 sets. It was too much and I got overtrained. Now I do 2x5.

I cannot be 100% sure for the figures, because the differences in progress are not big. My spirit is up because I have much less work to do, I am almost on vacation. On the other hand the heat is too much here, I do not have an A/C and rarely I sleep total of more than 7 hours per day.

I do have a caliper for BodyFat % measurement, but I cannot use it accurately. When I take chest/waist measurements, they are not accurate. The heat of the summer makes me sweat, the tape sticks on my body etc. But after years of measuring my body, I have a good idea of what is happening.