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PRRS Training

Anybody has tried this training system.
You change reps range, tempo and exercises every week.
Looks interesting.


I think it’s a good way to train, except that Eric Broser generally recommends a four-way split, hitting everything directly once a week, whereas I, and many others, prefer hitting everything directly more often. I have seen Broser suggest adjustments to this program, but they usually went straight to the other end of the spectrum, i.e. full body, three times a week, still utilizing the three week rotation.

I prefer to lift heavy more often than once every three weeks, and I’m not much of a believer when it comes to tempo recommendations, so I’d want to tweak the whole program a bit. I’ve done something very close to P/RR/S, but I used a two-way split over four sessions a week so that everything was hit directly twice a week. For each body part, the first weekly session was heavy, or what Broser calls Power (around six reps a set, usually straight sets, although I sometimes used a reverse pyramid as Broser recommends), while the second session was a version of either his Rep Range (higher reps, chasing the pump) or his Shock (drop sets, supersets, etc.), alternating between the two every second session. This way, you get the variation he preaches but at a higher frequency.

In the end, it comes to resemble your classic heavy/light system.

I am currently utilizing the P/RR/S template.

Here is my training log for more information:

Just a few things I’d like to highlight about the program.

I think it is awesome for bodybuilders that really are looking to put on size first and strength second. Not to say that you won’t get strong on this, but you might do better for strength doing a split/program that emphasizes solely heavier lifting and higher frequency.

The volume on this isn’t super high if you only count the work sets. For me, it’s coming out to somewhere between 8-12 work sets/muscle group a week, but remember, each of those is to absolute failure. I think that is absolutely crucial for success with this template because if you don’t take them to the furthest limits, you won’t be able to reap the benefits.

As for the tempos, I think they’re a great way to mix it up and give your body a stimulus that it hasn’t ever felt before. This will definitely spark growth IMO. Again, however, you have to do it right. If you half ass the tempos, you will not reap the full benefit.

You can check out my log for details/specific workouts.