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Proxy for Box Squat


My understanding is that the box squat helps develop the lower portion of the squat as well as explosiveness because you can't take advantage of the bounce.

My gym doesn't have any boxes or anything that approximates a box (and I've asked if I could make one and 'donate' it.. no). The benches aren't low enough for me to be useful.

However, if I place the bar on the lowest (ie the flat) part the squat rack, it's about hip height. If I squat under that, I'm literally Ass-to-Grass, maybe a little lower (I feel the stretch).

Is starting from that position and exploding up a good proxy for using a box, or is there something inherently beneficial from the starting position sitting on a flat surface (ie box)?


Maybe I'll try to get a pic tomorrow.


If I understand your description, you are talking about a bottoms up squat, which is a fine way to train the bottom of the squat. It’s an old school method but seems to be a pretty damned good one. You can also do pause squats where you simply pause at the bottom for 3-5 seconds before starting the concentric phase. Plenty of huge squats are built without a box.


What about stacking up some 45 plates (if your gym has enough) to box height? Kind of a pain in the ass, but you could call it extra GPP! Would probably work better with the rubber coated VS metal ones, so they wouldn’t slip when you sat down. My gym has a step thing that is too low, but I have stacked a few plates on top to make it into a “box”.


according to louie simmons. no. if you don’t have a box i would try pause squats instead


@Donut-- yes, Bottom up (starting at the bottom…deep)

@HG-- I can confidently say that stacking as you describe is a “no-go”. I barely get away with discrete use of chalk…

@robo-- is that Louie Simmons “No” that it’s not the similar or the same, or “No” that there’s something inherently beneficial about position on a box?



This is a pretty good approximation of what my gym has. I squat from the lowest part (the flat part)-- pretty deep and dig in heels.


[quote]SteelyD wrote:
@HG-- I can confidently say that stacking as you describe is a “no-go”. I barely get away with discrete use of chalk…


I’m surprised by this, so long as you pick them up. My gym doesn’t allow chalk at all (though I also use discretely on occasion) and says nothing to me about stacking.

I stack 25s since they’re the same width as 45s and easier to pick up afterwards. 7 for a low box and 11 for high (based on the wheels my gym has).

Once done, I leave the rack as I found it and no one complains. And I also typically have to use the same type of rack you’re using.