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Proximity of Failure on Whole Body

Hi guys,
I am currently on an undulated programm design were I mix the reps weights and volume up.
I also thought of doin so regarding failure.
I know there is no “one method” regarding this-but also for whole body I saw followong methods used:

1.Going to failure or one rep short of in the last rep of the last set (typical chad,pavel design)
2.Going to failure on all sets.(also Waterbury does that in his triceps.spec.programm)(and westside barbell on their RE day)
3.Stopping each set one rep short of failure.

I know everyone is different,but i will be interested which method you use which with suxcess.
Come on whole body guys!

When I train what would be called a “wholebody” or whatever you want to call it, I don’t think I’ve ever hit failure on deads or squats. Maybe close to it on the Bench Press. But I train a little differently then most on this forum …I use multi-muscle compound big exercises and split-muscle group specific training(isolation training) in the same week and sometimes on the same day.

“Splits” & “whole body’s” are useless terms to me. I train exercises and muscles so those terms would only make sense to me if I was training for a specific one; which I don’t so those terms are pretty much useless in my workouts.

As for failure, that’s all exercise and rep range specific as well. I’ve never done a barbell back squat with a 5RM or more on the bar to failure. I’ve done 10+ RM to failure. Going to failure on any kind of arm curl for Biceps & Forearms I pretty much do on every set and then I even add partial reps and static holds on top of failure.

The terms in the bodybuilding world are just too general and make no sense to me. Its almost as stupid as Democrats being labeled as “Liberals” and Republicans being labeled as “Conservatives”. Just more nonsense.

My advice would be to stay away from failure on the movements that would cause alot of CNS damage and REP ranges as well. Then a muscle/exercise or rep range that may not even phase the CNS can be taken to failure and beyond with specific techniques as stated above(forced reps).