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Prowlers.... Love/Hate Relationship


So I've pulled sleds a few times..didn't think that prowlers could be THAT bad....recently started training at a real gym couple days a week. My coach has me push that S.O.B. at the end of the workouts....it's like a kick in the nuts lol but part of me likes it, I know that wanting to vomit feeling is me improving haha


Yeah it sucks... I used the prowler Wednesday and I'll probably use it tomorrow. Low handles are seriously the fucking worst. High handles are much funner, but low handles induce a level of suckiness that I've never encountered before.


the low handles makes it seem like you are pushing it up a steep hill all of the time. the prowler is a rare combination of suck and awesome.

I have devoted nearly a year to serious consistent work on the prowler, the first time in my 26 year lifting career that I have made a commitment to conditioning, and I have lost 45lbs.

I tore a calf muscle last Saturday and have not prowled in a week, and I am already feeling like I am getting "soft", LOL


I love pushing the prowler. no hate whatsoever.


And I'm convinced that both high-and-low handle prowler pushing is one of the best things for calves. Fuck standing/seated calf raises, so boring.


and the funny looks you get in the park


My unit just got 2 prowlers in from rogue fitness and I'm pretty excited about using them


im in the beginning stages of building my own prowler so i can start hating it too.


what do you guys do for prowler training?

-just load it up and push slowly for a long distance?
-lighter weight, short distance and faster pushes?

i've typically been going for the sprint-style where we measure out 30-40yds, drop on 2-4 plates and bang out 6-8 runs each.

it's killer.

i want to (when the weather is nicer) push for a super long distance.