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Prowlers in the UK?


I’m looking to procure a prowler to aid in my conditioning for the up coming rugby season. So far I’ve come across several options and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the prowlers provided by the different company’s. Below is the list I’ve found thus far(not including us sites as shipping is prohibitively expensive)

ProwlerUK GBP 300 http://www.prowleruk.com/index-8.html
Strengthshop GBP 200 https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/equipment-and-bars/deluxe-push-pull-sled-prowler.html
Rogue Europe GBP 265 (rogue Europe catalog)
Gymratz GBP 415 http://www.gymratz.co.uk/gymratz-growler-pushing-sled
Wolveson Fitness GBP 215 http://www.wolverson-fitness.co.uk/Wolverson-Prowler_AWJZE.aspx
Pullum Sport GBP 495 http://www.pullum-sports.co.uk/strongman-equipment/equipment/pullum-super-sled/prod_376.html

As you can probably see, all of them are very similar in design to those created by EliteFTS. Shipping is GBP 40. So was curious to understand what necessitated the huge discrepancy in price. So any reviews of any of these would be much appreciated in aiding in choice

I like the look of the growler & you can get custom colours, to my eye it looks very similar (same?) to th gymratz one

Strength shop is good shit

Agree with the above post about Strength Shop


now i know what I’m getting for my birthday!


supply quite a few independent gyms with their equipment, worth a look £415

their benches look good too


I use Strength Shop’s one. It’s fine and regularly in their discount section.

In general the gear from Strength Shop is pretty good but I haven’t had any of their serious metal, think they are cheaper because they import from China. Gymratz (which I think is made by the same people as Watson) is great gear - I got some for the college gym I re-equipped a few years back.

Strength shop is a great shout!

Friends just kitted their gym with gear from there.