Prowler Workouts?

So I finally got my Rogue Butcher Prowler!

What type of workouts do you guys do with the prowler? I’m doing back to lifting 3x(MWF) a week so I was thinking of using it the days between my workouts (TTh and Sat after Strongman events).

I’ve used one plenty of times but now am going to make it a staple for my conditioning. Anything you guys recommend?

I use the prowler once a week for conditioning after a squat workout. I lift weights 3-4/week and train BJJ 2-3/week, so once a week with the prowler is more than enough. Some weeks if I’m feeling beat up I will skip it.

I load the prowler up with 80+ kgs, and push it up and down the 15m track at my gym. Repeat 4 times with 90 seconds rest.


Both Wendler and DeFranco have a bunch of prowler workouts for free (and challenges, I think)