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Prowler Workout too Easy


Ok so I bought a prowler thinking I was going to puke since I'm gonna be a seal and need mental toughness. I long distince and sprint for I feel it gets me more mentally tough faster. I push it and the only thing that failed was my legs could not push more for I was too fatigue(not tired). Anyone has this problem. It gets easyier after I get fatigued. I think its my vo2 anyone know how to increase it.


do it wearing a gas mask.


Yes lol it was 90 degrees outside. Thing is I used a homemade sled 1 year ago and hardest thing ever I remember pucking evertime I did. But I was 207 back then and ran a 730 ish mile which I now dominate that time plus I'm lighter and stronger.


You got to keep pushing once your legs gave out. If your legs gave out before your lungs than thats your weak point and sounds like the prowler is hitting it.


Its a sled. To make it harder you can:

  1. Change surfaces/add friction;

  2. Add weight;

  3. Push from lower position or pull it;

  4. Push it farther;

  5. Push it faster;

  6. Carry it.

Those are about the extent of your options.

Edit: 7. Change altitude.


I. Pushed it on grass on used both handles wit my lil cousin on me he's like 80 pounds. I littlery could go all day but the effectiveness would not have been as much. I would think lower the weight so I have to go harder and faster. Also I was going as fast as my body could let me but the latic acid just doesn't let you causing me to go slow thus loseing the effectivness.


I acually push it 50 yards there and back like nothing at least on my cardiovascualr system. Don't get me wrong my legs were fried but it seemed even easyier pushing it farther.


I rested 30 seconds between sets I try to push it on the street to make it lighter causing me to push it faster maybe my lungs give out before my legs


How much weight are you putting on it? Couple 45's is easy for a while, but put 400#s on it and it's fucking hard. Well, unless you're a machine and it doesn't phase you, in which case I would salute you


You said you're gonna be a seal? When are you going to BUDS? Are you already in or are you waiting to go to bootcamp?

I wouldn't rely too much on the prowler to prep you for BUDS cause you won't e doing any prowler pushing. Do a lot of running, swimming, get out to a beach and run through the sand in boots.

Let me know when you're going through BUDS cause I'm out now but a couple of my buddies are first phase and PTRR instructors. I'll come visit you


Prowler too easy? Try pushing it in sand. Or mud, or with more weight on it, or bear crawl, or you just aren't trying hard enough.


Really you were a seal? I am running and swimming on top of everything. Although my combat stroke is bad and sloppy but I want to get assigned a coach to teach me more. Reason for the prowler was cause I thought it was harder, like I said I remember doing it and it was hard as hell. Although I never really ran and was fatter and less in shape. I used to run 8th grade and could run for miles like no other but that was before I decided to workout and gain quite a bit of mass which I know I would have to lose which shouldt be too hard once I start running even more once it gets closer to going to the navy.


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I was using it for condtioning/subsitute for leg excercise. I try putting on more weight but all that is going to make it harder on the legs not lungs.


Well, for me, putting more weight on it gets me to puke-town faster than light weight with high speed. It's all in how much effort you put into it. You could put no weight on it and sprint, or you could load it down and sprint as hard and fast as you can; even though it will move slowly, you're going to get a greater workout from it being 'harder'



How old are you? Still in highschool? I'm not in the military anymore. I got out a few months ago.

Work on your side stroke because you will be swimming a lot. Side stroke, running, push ups, pull ups, mountain climbers, 8 count body builders... stuff like that. you wont be doing any weights stuff till maybe second phase (if you make it that far) and your class works out at the "body shop" (its a lot of machines and stuff done circuit style)

You should talk to you local recruiter station and they should be able to get you in touch with your local "Dive Motivator." He should be holding workouts and getting guys prepped for boot camp. I'm sure you could talk to them and get involved (if its close enough) cause that will help you with your combat side stroke form. you're going to want your form to be smooth when you're doing a two mile ocean swim. That shit sucks and you dont want to be muscling you way through the water.


One thing that I like to use is a moderate weight- 2 45's or 2 45's and 2 25's and do short fast sprint repeats with low rest. Build up to 20-30 trips with 15s rest and your lungs should be feeling it.
But really, the idea should be to make progress, not try to puke- if you're interested in that I hear a toothbrush works well.


I graudated this year so I'm out of highschool and I am doing all the above stated and I do weights cause well I like to too much. I like being strong and its who I became. All I'm doing is running a lot more and swimming. I see no reason to leave out weight training for I belive it does help you. Like for example I used to do only pushups 8th grade and could get about 80 pushups at like 120 pounds now I do 120 at 186 and I know its not a huge increase but I'm also heavier and that's without doing pushups.

Now imigine if I lost weight(which will be done before shipping out but for now don't have to worry about that) and started doing pushups on top of weights which will be done after every chest workout. Then once I get closer shipping out I will change things up like loseing weight and even doing more running plus more pushups most likelyh the one the stew shows. I'm already pretty good and everything regardless of my weight and height(most likely cause I trained those when I was a kid) I improve really fast in pushups and everthing else.



I know I should try that but I dontg see it working. My legs gives out before my lungs but ill try it. I know its to progress but I can't progress soemthing that is too easy. I might use it for work capacity increase and restoration. I would want to puke for menatl toughness and incrase from there.




Also check out Alpha's log for puke inducing workouts. He can't discuss his job but he's having to prepare for some pretty brutal PTs