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Prowler Work for 5/3/1 Bodyweight?

I wanted to try to do 5/3/1 with a Bodyweight assistance program based on Josh Bryant’s Quarantine Workout. I was thinking that I could pair an upper body day with bench/press, a lower body day with squat/deadlift, and would like to do some Prowler work on the burpee day.

So a week of training would be:
Bench, Pushups, Pull-ups;
Squat, Bodyweight Squats, Lunges;
Prowler and burpees;
Press, Pushups, Pull-ups
Deadlift, Bodyweight Squats, Lunges;
Prowler and burpees;

Does anyone have some suggestions for a manageable prowler set to pair with the burpees?


You are only limited by your imagination.

Do a prowler push, then do a burpee. Do another prowler push and do two burpees, and so on. Do a set number of burpees between prowler pushes.

Or do them consecutively. Do all your burpees then do your prowler or vice versa.

I don’t have a suggestion for the weight on the prowler as only you know your level of conditioning. As stated ad nauseum for everything, start light.

Not what you are asking but I keep a light mini band on my prowler. Between pushes, I do my face pulls with the band attached to the low handles.