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Prowler Work and Strength Gains


For those who use the prowler,

I need to get into shape, but have a phobia about losing strength.

When you started the prowler, did it eat away at your strength gains...or did you gain strength?


I don't think this would be a preferred GPP method of some of the biggest names in strength if it was going to turn you into a weak little girl. Read up on how to use it properly for recovery work and go to town.


Its working for me. I will be able to tell you more as its warming up and I will be able to use it more now.



I would think it would matter how you incorporate it and also how you choose to recover around its use. If you are running yourself into the ground you will most likely see a loss in strength.

With the right usage, it has its place in recovery. I have the belief in my head that once I start to use it regularly ~3times a week (actually starting that next week) I will see better gains in the gym. I dont know why I think that tho...

EDIT: For some ideas on how to use it, check out EliteFTS. I believe there is an article from like a week or 2 ago about the prowler. You can use these for ideas, or just not think and push the son of a bitch...


I think it has helped my strength and most certainly my conditioning. When I started using it, I knew what toll it would take on legs so I didn't do any assistance after squatting or deadlifting. I just walked or sprinted with the prowler.

I set my prowler program up like this:
Week 1 X amount of pushes with Y amount of weight
Week 2 X+2 (because I count there and back as 2 pushes) pushes with Y amount of weight
Week 3 X+4 pushes with Y amount of weight.
so and so forth...

when I got to where I was doing 10 pushes with Y amount of weight, I added weight and started back over at X pushes. It's just simple progressive overload.

I'm doing 531 and think the prowler compliments it very well. I also pushed the prowler after every session, not just lower body.

I did reach a point where I was having hip issues and realized I was overusing (not in the sense of doing it too much, but overdoing (sprinting with it and I mean sprinting) it when I did use it) the prowler (although I was still making gains in the SQ and DL). My hip flexors would keep me awake at night. I think part of that was I push the prowler on an incline (up a hill). I push it in (up) the street up to the corner and turn it around and push it back. I stopped sprinting so much and now walk fast and that has cleared up the hip flexor issues.


the guys of elite fts are huge fans of prowlers. I believe that if 300+lb powerlifter Dave Tate uses one of these than you can guarantee that you won't lose any strength


+1. Great reply...