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Prowler with Wheels?

Anyone have any experience with these? Seems like the most common are:


My driveway is only 40 yards. I don’t want to push them down the street, if possible. Thoughts?

My initial reaction is that the tank looks goofy and the xpo looks pretty sweet. It’s exaggerating an already brutal resistance curve - the harder and the faster you push, the more everything sucks, and now, the harder and the faster you push, everything just sucks more. There’s an argument against doing that in weightlifting, but for anaerobic conditioning, especially over a limited distance, it sounds super effective.

Yeah, the XPO I’ve heard is like the Airdyne: the harder the effort the more resistance. I’ve never had a prowler because of the logistics of using one, but these may fit the bill. I’ve only heard positives from those that have them (mostly the XPO), at least on line.

Haven’t tried that particular tank but tanks are excellent and I wish I had regular access to one. No more hauling weights around :grin: but that is a hefty pricetag. Haven’t tried the.XPO to commo