Prowler Use

Hopefully this is the proper place for this…

Just got a Prowler 2, and had some questions as to how the membership use theirs. Basically I’d like to know how those with Prowlers feel they work on different surfaces (snow, grass, concrete, asphalt, etc.) as far as increased resistance from friction. Also, do any of these surfaces ruin the skis? I realize harder surfaces will be harder on the skis, but some wear is to be expected IMO. Thanks in advance.

You aren’t going to ruin the skis on the bottom unless you try to. Works great on grass and artificial turf. It is really good on blacktop, unless there is the rubbery stuff they fill cracks in with, and then it gets stuck on it. The other issue is that if there are rocks and pebbles everywhere your flat bottomed shoes will not get traction and you’ll be sliding everywhere. I’ve pushed it on concrete, and it sticks really easily. I personally prefer pushing it on grass wearing cleats.