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Prowler Use for Hypertrophy



Any chance you could elbaorate on the different ways (volume, duration etc.) in which you use the prowler for strength/hypertrophy gains? Thanks for the help, much appreciated.




I'll let it slide once because I'm in a good mood, but normally I do not reply to those who bump their question or repost it. I find it disrespectful, like someone DEMANDING to be answered.

I honestly don't have precise methods with the prowler. It is all about accumulating more mechanical loading (doing more work) without drastically increasing recovery needs. So the volume will depend on how the body is reacting.

Normally with upper body movements I like to do sets of 15-25 yards which normally comes up to roughly 10-20 reps; but I don't even count them. Just get more work done without driving yourself into the ground.


This is something that I have been hearing more of lately from you and from Glenn, I always bust my nut in the gym and I'm pretty much shattered afterwards. I think you raised a bit of an epiphany for me yesterday when I read a post that said 'don't let your goal ruin your workout,' and 'don't psych yourself up for a ordinary workouts' or something along those lines - they are surprisingly tough things to understand, its so subtlr but makes me think completely different about training. I think I have it in my head that you can force a good workout.

In addition the idea of just getting work in at a weight you can dominate without wrecking yourself and you will grow is also a tough one for me. I thought I understood how to train but after watching your videos on the livespill and listen to you coach it is obvious I know shit.

Paradigms are shifting.
Perhaps it really is NOT 'no pain no gain' but rather 'no brain no gain.'


I call that ''training finances''... sometimes ''investing'' in doing that famous 'one more rep' in a set is actually a bad investment because it might mean that you will get 1 or 2 good sets less in your workout.


My appologies, wasn't trying to be rude or anything like that sorry it came out that way, won't happen again. Thanks for the response


Damn I heard that stuff raises testosterone, but IN the gym? Really?


i have lost nearly 45lbs the last 9 months or so, mostly from the prowler and cutting out late evening eating. what i can say is when i really bust it with heavier loads and more frequent trips with the prowler...i get leaner and more vascular...but my lifting suffers. as of right now i have more body comp and conditioning goals, so that is fine. depends on what goals you have.


HT, it begs the question... is it really the prowler that is hurting your lifting or the fact that you are 45lbs lighter and eating less?


LOL, thats the real secret to massive gains, busting your nut inbetween sets.
Do it.


ouch. got me there. could be. i know when i am really pounding the sprints with the prowler i feel my IT bands and hams stay pretty jacked up, and that affects me on days i try to deadlift or clean.


Foam roll then foam roll some more, stretch after in this order: PNF, ballistic, static. (static only after WO)


speaking latin to me there. what is PNF...ballistic...static?


Just put this into a Google search "pnf ballistic static" and you will get more than you ever wanted to know.